Monday, September 5, 2011

A very hot menage!

My wonderful author has just released a very hot FFM menage story. It brings together a tattoo lady from a circus, a smoking hot model and a sexy photographer. The Prop

This prop was made to be played with...

Kat has been The Tattoo Lady for five years and she has been propositioned for nearly everything by paying customers outside her cage. Devon’s proposition is something new, to be a prop in a photo shoot. She accepts and is delighted to find the model she will act as prop for is a beautiful woman. Tiffany is entranced by the exotically erotic woman and would do anything to run her fingers over those lines of ink.
Their photo shoot leads to drinking and a threesome that none of them can forget. Can Kat risk her place among the freaks of the circus for the chance of meeting them again? Is there any hope of another night in their arms?

Kat got into her zone and performed. She stretched and strutted and displayed herself in the background as Tiffany did the same near the bars. Devon took what seemed like a million pictures before making any comment at all.
“Kat, I need you to get closer to her, maybe like you’re sneaking up. Tiffany, I want you to look a little desperate, hold the bars tight like you really want out.”
He started snapping pictures again and Kat crouched, creeping forward then got to her hands and knees, crawling toward Tiffany. She was so close and her thoughts began to get wicked. She stuck out a tongue and dragged it up the side of Tiffany’s leg. Tiffany’s leg stiffened, but she didn’t give much more reaction than that and Devon kept taking pictures, so Kat didn’t stop until she reached Tiffany’s dress.
She turned to the camera then, one hand slipping up Tiffany’s leg and under her dress, she bared her fangs.
“Perfect,” Devon whispered as the camera flashed.
Kat stood then, towering over Tiffany she put her hands on the bars, mimicking Tiffany’s stance like a shadow. Then she bent her head and pressed her lips to Tiffany’s bare shoulder. She wasn’t positive, but she thought she heard a small moan from Tiffany. Kat stepped back as Tiffany slid to her knees and stuck one leg out between the bars.
Feeling more and more turned on, Kat stretched and posed close to Tiffany, touching her as much as she could without being obvious. Tiffany didn’t seem to mind, but Kat didn’t know if that was all a part of the modeling thing or not. She never reached out and touched Kat, never initiated but seemed very accepting.
Devon finally lowered the camera and they both stopped posing, walking up to the bars and waiting for instruction. “I think I want to do a few from the other side now.”
“Wow, that was fun,” Tiffany said with a bright smile. “Devon always has interesting concepts for photo shoots, but I think you might be my favorite.”
Kat’s heart started to beat faster and she felt heat flush her body, Tiffany did seem to like how Kat had been touching her. “It is quite fun,” Kat agreed, her voice a little husky. She had to bite her lip to keep from giggling after she spoke. She hoped Devon would hurry up, he was taking far too long and she wanted an excuse to touch Tiffany some more.
Devon walked in then. “I want to get some from behind, so do what you were doing before as if I was still on the other side.”
They posed like that for a while and Kat’s mind wouldn’t stay off of Tiffany’s curves. Without being able to see Devon taking pictures of them, she almost felt like they were alone. She had to stop herself a few times from reaching out and really grabbing her, turning her around and seeing if there was as much lust on Tiffany’s face as there was in Kat’s body.
Devon cleared his throat and both girls stilled. Kat had her body pressed against Tiffany’s back, their hands clasped together above their heads on the bars. “I think I got enough,” he said.
They separated slowly and stood. Kat felt a little awkward, so full of lust and desire for Tiffany who was probably only playing the part. Her gaze dropped, afraid to meet Devon’s. She was surprised to see a very noticeable bulge in his pants. Her gaze shot up and she saw a wicked smile on his face, his eyes were intense on her for a moment, then he looked at Tiffany.
“That was awesome, you two were perfect together. I do believe you surpassed prop though, Kat, and became another model for me. Not that I mind, it was spectacular I can’t wait to see the prints.”
“Yes, it felt good, so I’m sure they will be great as usual,” Tiffany said as she pulled on her coat.
Devon started packing away his camera and Kat felt panic well up inside her. She didn’t want this to end, not yet. “Would you two like to join me for a drink? My trailer isn’t much, but I always have plenty of wine to offer.”
“That sounds lovely,” Tiffany said quickly.
Kat smiled at her, then looked to Devon. He tossed her an envelope she assumed had her payment in it. “I’m up for whatever you girls want to do.”
That was an intense little statement and Kat felt a little thrill. “Well then follow me.”

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