Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scorching Erotic One Bit - Dragon Heart

May Contain Sexual Content, and blatant description of sexual activity,  please be advised.

Alayna's hands were freezing, the rest of her was fairly warm by the fire but not her hands. She rubbed them together moving closer to the fire. A crunch of footsteps got her attention and she watched him take a seat. “Cold?”

“Just my hands.” It was a beautiful night in the forest, quiet and a sky full of stars. The moon cast a bright soft glow over everything. Everything was beautiful

Garrett reached over pressing his hands around hers rubbing warmth into them. “The coffee should be ready.” He reached behind him and turned with two metal mugs. He lifted the coffee carafe off the fire and filled her mug. She wrapped her hands around it and he filled his own. He settled back taking a sip of the coffee. “Is it okay?”

“Yeah, it’s great…warm.”

He smiled and settled in behind her, his legs outlining hers and she leaned back into his chest. His arm naturally wrapped around her and his warmth encircled her. A tingle lined her spine and she loved how she felt in his arms. He shifted and she heard him put his coffee cup down. Both of his arms and wrapped around her before he began nuzzling her neck. The chills raking her back made her giggle, motivating him more. She laughed aloud turning to face him. She caught his eye and became mesmerized. His hand cupped her cheek drawing up into her hair, before he pulled her to him. His mouth met hers with a gentle touch. A sweet hesitation that she found irresistible. His lips met hers again this time with more demand and she kissed him back, her body igniting. She opened to him and he explored her mouth. She lashed at his tongue, the rising desire seeping through her pores.  She twisted her body straddling his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she laced her fingers through his hair. His musky scent filled her with the warmth of home, she belong here, in his arms. His hands cupped her ass pressing her against his groin. “Oh baby…”

He growled, devouring her mouth. His hands moved to her waist, pushing beneath her sweater he unclasped her bra before cupping her breasts. His thumbs brushed over her nipples and then rolling them beneath the pads of his thumbs. She inwardly cursed him for knowing her so well. He knew her buttons, the ways to make her crazy with desire. Her nipples screamed in pleasure, shooting hunger through her body and making her pussy moist in desire.  His teeth raked at her neck and she reached down stroking his hardening cock through his jeans.
She wanted him now, she needed to feel his hardness fulfill her primal needs.

The cold disappeared, there was only the wanton heat of his body begging for release. His body tensed and he shifted, lifting her off the ground, her legs wrapped around his waist. He carried her to the layered blankets and pillows he had created for them to sleep on under the stars. Laying her onto the blankets beneath him. She ripped off her sweater, and he pulled off his, her hands went for his belt, button and zipper. Tonguing her nipples she strained to focus and finally gave up with a whimper. Once she had given up he began to suckle on her nipple while unbuttoning her jeans. Tugging them of her legs, he discarded her shoes and then the jeans. His mouth created a trail down her body, his hands still teasing and taunting her nipples. He reached his goal, leaving small kiss just above her clit he teased the inside of her thighs, hitting the spot that made her giggle. Driving her mad he circled, licked and nipped everywhere but where she wanted him. “Yes…please oh god…” he finally pulled her clit into his mouth. Her back arched pushing her pussy against his mouth. His tongue slipped into her opening, teasing her with the stimulation. A stiff digit slipped in past his tongue and pushed inward before curling. Gripping his hair, her body writhed in desire. She couldn’t get enough. His tongue once again on her clit,, her body shook uncontrolled, turned to liquid and crashed beneath his ministrations. She screamed, losing control and he pushed her further. Every nerve in her body continued exploding into fire. He lapped at her as she floated down, his kisses moved up her body and back to her nipples. She reignited, unable to believe the way he controlled her lust, but it was time and she hungered for his cock. She finished undoing his pants, her hands grapping him hard. He moved against her hand and she rolled him onto his back. Starting with his nipples she suckled and nipped each one, continuing to stroke his cock. His breathing became heavy and she moved down to her prize. He glistened with pre cum and she greedily sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his head, she closed her lips around the ridge and sucked, wanting to literally suck the cum out of him. Her hand continued to stroke his steel cock. His hips moved with her hand. Swirling his head once more, she took him down her throat. Her hand played with his balls, while her tongue and throat massaged his head and shaft.

“Fuck…babe…you’re killing me.” His hands curled in her hair and she moved to his mouth. He ravaged her mouth, his hand clenching the back of her neck. He rolled her beneath him and shifted. His cock slid against her clit and she whimpered in desire, her nails digging into his shoulders.

“Garrett please, I need you inside me. Make love to me, I want to explode on your cock… please, baby…”He kissed her roughly before shifting his hips, he filled her with a strong thrust. Her body welcome him, humming with the wanted union. “Garrett, oh god you feel so good.”
His cock filled her again and again, each thrust pummeling her restraint. He slowed, hovering over her, kissing her sweetly. Their bodies entwined rocking in steady flow against each other.  The need for release steadily grew between them and his kisses became more urgent. His body thrusting harder, faster. Pushing upward he came into at an angle repeatedly hitting her just right. “Oh Garrett, yes…don’t stop…yes!”
He continued hard and fast, the last thrust hit her hard and she exploded, she felt his cock surge within her body and wanted to cry in bliss. Their bodies collapsed into each other. Alayna caught her breath and felt wetness on her cheeks. She felt him shift and opened her eyes. His golden eyes were staring down at her, his hand caressed her hair before kissing away her tears. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”

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