Monday, July 25, 2011


I know the subject seems odd, for a vampire, but I am a total beach bum at times. It is at night that I go, but that is almost a better time anyway. No nasty humans around to take up space and annoy me. Not only that, but the water feels so good after a long hot day. Its refreshing, I love to dip in, skinny dip with Tarquin under the moon. We will even at times bring a blanket and lay it out on the sand, after swimming we lay there and make love on the beach....oh how I love summer.

As much as I look forward to shorter days and longer night of fall and winter, I just can't not be happy when laying on a deserted beach naked with Tarquin. Peaceful and relaxing, something I haven't gotten much of at home lately. Especially since my nosey neighbor has been returned....yeah I am trying very hard not to go over and rip out her throat....very hard. Getting away with Tarquin helps, if I don't see her, or her house or smell her stupid human blood, then I don't want to sink my fangs deep in her vein...almost...

Maybe I should just live here at the beach, I don't really need to return to Portland do I? If it wasn't for Tarquin's pain in the ass pack, I think I could. Unfortunately he can't live without them, and I can't live without him.

So the beach is a nice break...I will be enjoying it for a few more days.

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