Friday, July 29, 2011

Why You Shouldn’t Become A Vampire

Zoe_Lionheart_100 Well, after having spent a long time with your Vampire partner (long from your mortal point of view), you might consider making your relationship permanent. And you know what that means. But don’t be hasty. Check the three steps to the Dark side:

1. Why You Should Become A Vampire (last month)

2. Why You Shouldn’t Become A Vampire (this month)

3. You’ve decided to become a Vampire – How To Do It? (next month)

There are a few reasons that might make you rethink your plans. Check carefully:

You like to play baseball or tennis or similar with your friends every other week.

You like your even suntan, you like nude beaches and the occasional daring appearance on the promenade.

You suffer from claustrophobia. Going to sleep in a coffin is a terrifying thought.

You are a free mind, you absolutely can’t stand being ordered around. In this case, wait for the “Newly transformed Vampires 101”, which I’ll post here the next-but-one month, and check for the hierarchy stuff.

You love garlic.

You plan to have children of your own, or you already have some.

You like sailing, surfing and yachting, and rather not all alone.

You like backcountry hiking and camping, or even sleeping under open sky.

You’re aware that you’d become the anathema of your religious beliefs.

If you’ve scored at least two, go back, and if the reason remains, drop your plans. You’re not prepared for the change yet, and you wouldn’t get along.

By the rules she’s established herself, Zoe appears guilty, and the death warrant has to be issued. She will never break her own rules, even if it means having to execute herself. Can April find a way to convince her soulmate otherwise?

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