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Erotic Excerpt - You Never Could Be....

New on Kindle and Nook by Amy Romine.
A passion fueled encounter in the corridor of a hotel convention room reveals two anguished hearts struggling to reconnect despite life’s difficulties.
Will Carlisle, the eye candy of the office, was the every woman’s dream, tall, handsome, and dashingly charming. Sara Rozek never guessed he had secretly wanted her for months now. When a bad day falls upon them, and Will breaks the reins of his own restraint, she sees the burning passion in his eyes and there is no denying the mutual attraction. 
Will and Sara’s start quickly runs array and Sara becomes convinced that she was played for a fool. Will begs her to listen to him but she turns away in fear. Can Will mend her broken heart or will the passion they shared vanish forever? ~

The door opened easily as she continued to read the email, her blood boiling in frustration. An odd noise caught her attention. Her eyes slowly rose to the mouth of the room, mentally writing a response to the email in her head.
Her breath stopped in her chest and she instinctively stepped back into the shadow of the hall. For a moment she thought she was losing her mind but then she looked again.
What could only be described as a beautiful man was laid out on the front table of the room. His unbuttoned shirt revealed a muscular form, his thick arms resting along his hips. His eyes were closed, chest heaving, while his hands were clenched within the hair of a second man who sat at his waist. She could see his head moving back and forth. He would stop and then start again. A moan escaped from someone’s chest and Sara assumed it was from the writhing body on the table.
She reminded herself to breathe and oxygen slowly filled her lungs. The erotic moment lay out before her eyes continued. The man, whose face was hidden, rose to his feet. He was still fully dressed in a navy business suit. His pink lips shining with saliva, his eyes heavy with desire, he leaned forward. The man once lying sprawled on the table, lifted himself up and to his feet. His labored breath matching the desire of his companion, his large hand reached up wrapping around his lover’s neck pulling him into a heated kiss.
Sara remained frozen in the shadows, the passionate embrace igniting her own desires and a cold feeling of emptiness pooled in her chest. She didn’t have to think long to remember the last time that kind of passionate heat had swept through the core of her body.
The airport
She pushed the memory away, her disappointment stinging her pride. She glanced again at the lovers. They’d discarded any hesitation, their bodies swaying in desire. She filled her lungs and turned to exit the conference room. Her footsteps heavy and painful, she dealt with her own resurfacing disappointment.
A sliver of light split the hall and she stopped in her tracks. The breathing darkness held still and she waited for some hint of presence. His eyes appeared out of the darkness and her knees weakened. He saw her in the same instant and moved in the dark to where she stood.
She forgot to breathe and pressed her shoulder to the wall in support. It was then she remembered the passionate couple occupying the room with them. She quickly turned in warning, and found herself in his embrace. She squelched a gasp of surprise, her eyes focusing on the curve of his jaw. They lifted, meeting his intense gaze and his lips parted.
She quickly covered them with her hand and his eyes squinted down at her. She motioned to the conference room and his eyes followed her gaze. She watched his eyes focus and then widen before he looked back to her. She placed a finger over her own lips. Her heart pounded against her chest, his eyes boring into her and she turned out of his embrace. Her cheeks flushed, once again watching the intimate consummation of lovers.
The couple had switched positions the khaki open shirted stallion now had the crisp suited man pinned against the wall. His right hand was encased within the zipper of the man’s navy pants, while his left pushed off the man’s jacket and assisted his mouth in unbuttoning his shirt. The last button parted and his right hand reappeared, shifting the shirt away from the man’s chest before he pulled a nipple between his teeth. This incited a deep groan from the man’s chest.
Still very aware of his presence she did her best to not shift or look at him. She felt heat on her back. His soft hands pushed her hair off her neck making her stomach tighten. The wafting of soft leather filled her senses and her eyes closed. His lips touching her neck sent chills through her body. His strong arms wrapped around her waist, his heat encompassing her and she fought to remain in control. Soft tantalizing kisses led a path beneath her chin, her breathing deepened, a deep sigh curling in her throat. His gentle hand tilted her head allowing him access to her mouth. She began in hesitation his mouth coaxing the sparks of desire within her soul until she couldn’t fight anymore and her mouth opened inviting his tongues caresses.
Hands curled against her abdomen pulling her blouse free from her skirt. Nimble fingers dancing over her ribs, she teased his lips with the tip of her tongue. Her lace encased breasts were firmly cupped, the seams rubbing against her sensitive nipples. His thumbs looped beneath the wire, he lifted it away giving him full access to her aching nipples. He rolled them beneath the pads of his thumbs and she pulled his tongue in need.
She turned into his chest, her lips feasting on his mouth demanding his undivided attention. His hand wrapped in her hair, his arm at the small of her back pulling her closer.
This is killing me...I want him so much. I need him inside me…
He led her movement, pinching her nipples, his fingers sending waves of desire through her core. Her back hit the smooth wall and her arms pulled him closer.
A free hand moved down covering her ass, pushing her belly against his steel cock.  Heated breath terrorized her ear and she traced her nails from his broad shoulders to his abdomen. His mouth attached itself to her neck and she tugged the shirt from his pants, her hands exploring beneath the fabric. Her mouth followed the ripples of his body downward. Crouched in front of him, she quickly undid his belt, feeling him brush against her hand, his excitement evident.
His fingers in her hair, her hand wrapped around him releasing him from the binding of his pants. Her moist tongue traced a line from his base to the tip of his head. His breath turned heavy and her mouth encompassed his head.
She slid him down the back of her throat, completely swallowing his cock within her tight mouth. She held still for a moment, torturing him with the muscles of her throat. Stroking him with her tongue, her head moved back and forth. He swelled within her mouth just before he pulled her away but she possessively kept her hand around him.
Unbuttoning her shirt, he kissed her shoulder, his hands pushing beneath her bra palming her nipples. With a demanding passion, his hands pushed her skirt up her legs. It bunched at the waist exposing the small piece of fabric spanning her hips. He lifted her against the wall, with ease. She wrapped her legs around his waist the, feel of his hard cock pushing against her clit making her whimper. His mouth latched on to her left nipple. He suckled, and then repeatedly flicked his tongue over it. Oh God, don’t stop…please don’t stop…I am going to explode just from this…
Her breath escaped her, his mouth sending repeated bursts of lightning through her core. She arched her back in delight pushing the sensitive nub deeper into his mouth. He suckled harder, her hips grinding against his cock in animal need. He pulled and she felt him shift, her body still careening from the exquisite torture. Her senses began to return when he latched on to her right nipple. Her nails dug into his shoulders, unable to hold back the electric pulses igniting her body. His hips shifted and he filled her. She gasped, her body igniting. He was so hard, she could feel him throbbing before the first thrust.
Trembling, she moaned into his neck, nipping with her teeth. He released her nipple, hand thrust into her hair and he locked her eyes. His thrusts came harder and the raging wave curling within her began to rise.
Gasping for air, the feeling became overwhelming. Her nipple rolled against his thumb, he kissed her sweetly as her body rapidly filled. He kissed her again his eyes measuring her pleasure. He kissed her again and spoke softly into her mouth.
“Cum for me Sara…”
He held her eyes, her body rippled and shook. He pinched her nipples, and she lurched, every nerve in her body exploding in pleasure. He captured the scream of indefinable bliss that sung through her with a passionate kiss. His hands curled against the small of her back, his body stiffening before he thrust against her hard, his own climax rolling over his body. Her head fell back. His mouth suckled on the pulse of her neck, the waves continuing to drown her senses. She slowly came down from the high, her body weak and foreign. He gently put her back on her feet and she adjusted her skirt.
What the hell am I doing?
Still overly aware of the moaning from the next room, she redressed. Her cheeks burned in rage at her own weakness. He noticed and moved to make her face him. She refused and pushed him away. He moved to speak and she glared at him. He reached out to touch her and she slapped his hand away before she sprinted away from him. The heavy door opened with ease and she stepped into the crowded hotel hallway. She knew he would be behind her in a moment so she tossed herself into the crowd trying to disappear in the sea of suits.
A moment later she heard him call her name. She continued walking away in ignorance, fighting with her hearts pleads to turn around.
No...he lied to you have to keep going...

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