Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is it Cold in here?

It's been brought to my attention recently, by the Mr no less, that I can be a bit...hard assed and cold. Bacially I'm a beyotch. I mean, really? It's been years and still he's all surprised at my attitude.

It started because I've been ignoring my friend, my very best friend, for like a year and a half. I grew disillusioned with the friendship and just began giving her the cold shoulder. Ignoring her attempts to make up on FB and the rest. Listen, I know exactly what I am, therefore I know my limits. She loved me once, she should know them too.

I have no time for fake ones, nor do I suffer fools. But, that's neither here nor there.

I should give her another chance, according to the Mr. I should make an effort since we've been soo close for soo long. Damn man with all his shoulds.

I promised him I'd think about it and I will.

In the meantime, I've signed myself up for a month-long writing challenge on Twitter, beginning August 1. That's my attempt to get the last Wicked book written. August 40k. I hope I achieve that goal, or at least make some real headway.

And now...drumroll, please... Six Sentence Sunday   

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