Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Menage

A great treat for this Halloween!

Halloween Charm
It takes three to break the spell of a sorceress...

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Amelia is tired of being dead, cursed into a cycle of reincarnation and death at the hands of her lover. She craves the touch of him, her murderer. She searches Daray out but finds Charm instead.
Charm is surprised by the ghost that she takes home. Amelia is more than a nuisance, she is an unexpected pleasure, a delightful sub.
Daray is shocked to find his love in the arms of another woman. Even more surprising is the way Charm welcomes him into their arms and bed.
Could this little charm be the key to breaking their lover’s curse?

“It feels so incredible to actually be able to touch and be touched,” Amelia whispered. She lifted a hand and stroked it along Charm’s face. “I haven’t been felt by another in almost a year. My only source of pleasure or feeling has been from watching others interact. It’s left me so desperate to feel.” Amelia’s fingers caressed Charm’s waist.

Charm’s gaze drifted down to Amelia’s mouth and she licked her lips, wondering what it would be like to make love to her. Would she like the rough play that Charm did? She was so beautiful, so obviously sensual, and so very dead. Charm’s body began to tingle, excited by the thought. Before she could talk herself out of it, she leaned forward, capturing Amelia’s soft lips with hers.

Amelia moaned immediately and parted her lips. Charm had always been a bold lover, always taking control and this was no different. She deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue into Amelia’s sweet mouth, caressing and coaxing her tongue to play. Amelia’s hands clasped at Charm’s back, pulling them even closer together. Charm ran her hands down to Amelia’s plump bottom, forcing their hips to meet.

Charm felt Amelia tremble in her arms and Charm’s panties dampened. She moved her hands to the hem of Amelia’s shirt, slipping under it to the bare skin beneath and caressing up until she felt the lace of her bra. She never broke the kiss as she touched Amelia, moving her hands to cup her heavy breasts, feeling her nipples so hard through the thin material covering them. Charm pinched them lightly and Amelia groaned, her hips pushing forward against Charm.

“Oh God, Charm, it feels so good to be touched.”

Amelia’s green eyes were wide and she was panting slightly as Charm continued to tease her nipples through the lace bra. The pure enjoyment Charm saw on her face was intoxicating and she wanted to take it all the way, wanted to see her face as she rode an intense orgasm.

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