Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I fear....

Sunlight- Umm duh right that one is obvious. If I didn't fear it I wouldn't have had Tarquin install all those handy things like shutters over the windows that let no light through.

Fire- Yeah this one has a potential of actually destroying me, though I could survive a pretty bad burn, it is still one of the few things that could take me down permanently.

Losing my head- Yet another one of those little things that would permanently rid the earth of my wonderful existence, not that anyone would want to do that.

Mean girls... Yeah I know this ones seems a bit odd, or at least unimportant compared to the others. Not so much deadly, but all the same, it makes me want to walk out into the sunlight so in a way just as deadly.

My wonderful daughter decided to take it upon herself to take over the care of two young were girls that were left without parents after one of the worst inter-species battles in centuries. So of course when she came to visit, she brought them with her. I swear they are nastier than anything I have ever seen. Tarquin invited a few young were girls from the pack over so they could have a sort of "play date" I guess. It quickly became an all out war right in my house. Not obvious, oh now and Tarquin claimed not to have any idea what I was talking about! I think he just didn't want to deal with the frankly scary little monsters in his home. It wasn't until the incident involving a chewed up leather skirt that resulted in an all out wrestling match between the girls that he finally agreed there was a problem here.

Thankfully Tarquin is a lie detector and as he made each girl tell the truth and run off crying, I felt relief settle over me until finally they were all gone, unfortunately Alexia went with, seeing as she was responsible for the care of the two orphaned ones. What is in her insane mind I will never know, love her though I do. I prefer a pack of weres who are out for my head to those sneaky mean girls.

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