Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LVDS Transcript : Rebecca Gailen Interview

Case file : 0l298776
Interview of Rebecca Gailen
Status Alleged Victim
Interviewer Detective Frank Lugow

11:23 AM 10.15.2010

Detective Lugow : Okay Rebecca, I know that it has been a long couple of days but can you tell me what happened last night?

Rebecca Gailen : I uh...yeah I think so.

DL : Why don't we start with why you decided to go to the house?

RG : We had driven Donna to the O.C. for a conference. Charlie wanted to stay the night because...he thought...

DL : What did he think?

RG : What we all thought. It had been two days...he was worried...

DL: Rebecca?

RG: I really wanted to just come home...

DL : Do you remember what time you got to the house?

RG : I uh...I think it was about seven-thirty?

DL : So you and Charlie arrived at the house at seven thirty. Did you notice anything odd before you went inside?

RG : No, the sun had gone down. It was dark, I...we couldn't really see anything.

DL: So you got to the door. Then what happened?

RG : Charlie insisted on going in first. I unlocked the door and followed him in.

DL : And you didn't notice anything odd when you walked in?

RG : No...uh...all of the lights were off. I couldn't see anything.

DL : Then what happened?

RG : I disarmed the alarm and flipped on the light.

DL : Do you remember what happened next?

RG : I...I'm not sure...

DL : I know it is difficult but I need you to try?

RG : I...uh...I was trying to remember where I left my laptop.

DL : Do you remember where Charlie was during that time?

RG : He was still walking through the house.

DL : What happened next?

RG : I...I remember there was a smell. It was metallic and I couldn't place what it was...I can't...

DL : Concentrate...try and think back to what happened next.

RG : I'm sorry...I don't...

DL : Take your time, Rebecca. There's no hurry.

RG : I...can...I can see my couch. It's couch is red...

DL : What else, what else do you see?

RG : I don't understand! I don't have a red couch? Is that right? Is what I said right?

DL : I can't answer that, Rebecca, I'm sorry.

RG : Lug, please...

DL : Listen to me. I know it is hard, but you need to remember what happened without my influence.

RG : I should be able to remember! Why can't I remember what happened?

DL : It's a traumatic event, it may take some time.

RG : I don't have time!

DL : Rebecca, you need to calm down.

RG : Don't tell me to calm down! He's destroying my life!

DL : Pause, Detective requests a break. Resuming interview with R Gailen postponed until further notice.

Approval Pending.

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  1. My Aunt got this book for me thinking it was an romance eBook so it how bad could it be. I downloaded it and automatically thought SMUT. My husband wanted to read it though! I admit it, I was wrong and that is why i am writing this. I am upset that I am going to have to wait for the next book. Serenity is sexy, fun, tense and twisting. I had a hard time putting it down. I have to say it got 4 heats on the site. I agree with this but I don't. the one scene is HOT!! but when I see 4 flames I think...porno. This is the exact opposite! Heat yes, but it compels the story forward and YES THERE IS A STORY! So I said it i was wrong. I will be waiting for news of the next, I have already begun following Amy on twitter and her site. Anxious to see what's to come. Well done rookie. Cassie