Friday, October 22, 2010

My take on Carly Bright

fbi1 copy
I stopped at my author’s house, to check in on her, as I typically do, and found her speaking with this agent, Carly Bright.

Normally, I wouldn’t care. I am flexible in such regards, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my business. But, for some odd reason, I decided to wait outside and listen for a while. My exceptional hearing allows me the luxury of eavesdropping from a remarkable distance.

I have no problem with my author telling Carly’s story, as a matter of fact, I encourage her to do so. Carly is quite attractive and it gives me the opportunity to get to know her better, if you know what I mean. And no, Izzy shall not find out about that from any of you mere humans. Understand?

Anyway, my point, and yes, I do have one, is that I immediately found two potential problems with this situation.

Problem # 1 - As with any good World Bureau Paranormal Activity Agent Carly has a partner, but not just any partner. She has a vampire for a partner! Which means, that I will have yet another vampire traipsing around my territory, but this one is licensed to kill. The WBPA is known for their overly assertive tactics. For the record, I and I alone should be the only to hold the authority to kill in my territory. I should not have to share that with some damn bureaucratic agency.

Problem # 2 – It seems that Carly Bright is bisexual. Again, I have no problem with that except that while she is in my territory, I will now have overly active testosterone agents running around trying to bed her. Oh come on! Have you not seen her picture? She’s gorgeous!

I believe the best thing to do is acquaint myself with this Carly and her vampire partner and see where it goes from there, after all, I did hear Carly confess that she had slept with Tom and Ash.


  1. Solution # 1 - if you keep your area clean, they'll be out of business. Easy.

    Solution # 2 - You're on the right track. Take her yourself, and make clear to all those testo agents she's off limits to them. Or if not, send her to me...


  2. My territories are clean. Mostly. This Carly had come on unofficial business and it should remain that way. What I don't understand is how someone so clutzy can become a WBPA agent. Admittedly, she is sexy, but it isn't her good looks that will keep her alive. Perhaps, I should speak to her vampire partner, Ash, for some insight. Thanks for the offer of taking her off my hands, I will consider it.