Monday, October 11, 2010

Settle An Argument...

So Alexia and I were out the other night and passed by a store selling Halloween costumes. There were all manner of "spooky" things hung in the window and costumes galore inside. Vampires, werewolves, bumble bees and clowns, they ranged from sexy to funny to gory and realistic.

Alexia and I got into a little discussion about the costumes and what kind humans tended toward more often.

I argued that humans are sluts and would tend to go for sexy costumes more. Alexia thinks humans are demented and go more for gory and scary costumes.

So you humans settle this argument for us, what kind of costume do you tend to wear? Sexy or Scary? The picture is our author's Halloween costume, definitely tending toward the sexy, as i would expect....


  1. Even birthday suits are sometimes sexy, sometimes scary...
    No, back to topic. It depends on the kind of party you're joining. According to my motto, to spread the word on love and passion, I'd say - never miss a chance, vote for sexy!

  2. Sexy of course. No question about it. ha ha susan L.