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Who is having the best sex?

Here are some steamy sex excerpts from all of the books in the Immortal Council Series. I would love to know what species you all think has the hottest sex...

Blood Visions

Her gaze locked onto it and he saw her hands clench in his wolf’s fur. The scent of her arousal hit him a second later and he let loose with a savage howl before he leaped at her.
He crushed his lips to hers, forcing them open and thrusting his tongue inside. His hands roamed her body roughly, pulling and tearing at her clothing. If he was going to have her, then he was going to have her his way. Rough and tough, not loving and mating. She wanted him and he wanted her. That is all it needed to be. Raw and instinctual, they were driven to satisfy themselves. No reason to fight it. Ones basest instincts always seemed to win out anyway. And his said take, take what he could without giving anything back.
She moaned against his mouth and her body rubbed against his unabashedly. He tore his mouth away and latched onto one of her perfect pink nipples. She cried out and dug her hands in his hair, holding him close, begging for more.
The sound of her accepting pleasure fueled him. He ran a hand up her thigh, forcing her legs apart. When he thrust a finger into her wetness, she screamed out in ecstasy. She was more than ready for him he realized with an all-consuming pride. He shifted his body and removed his hand, quickly replacing it with his aching cock.
Zyra grasped his head and he could hear her grind her teeth as if she were fighting the impulse to bite him, take his blood. He wondered briefly what that would be like, would it increase the pleasure for one or both of them?
Tarquin couldn’t understand the pleasure he got from her. The undeniable rightness of being inside her. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Each stroke shot lightning through his body, every whimper of pleasure from her lips ripped an answering one from his. Her hands running over his chest and back as he thrust over her was like gasoline to his roaring fire of desire.
His original intent had been to gain his own pleasure, not caring for hers, but that had all changed once he was inside. He needed her orgasm more than he needed his own. Never before had he cared about the pleasure of his lovers. Not this much. They had all cum, sure, but if they hadn’t, he wasn’t sure if he would have cared.
Not with Zyra, she had to cum or he didn’t think he would be able to.
Tarquin rolled to his back, bringing her to the top. She rocked against him and he dug his heels into the ground to steady himself, to hold back. He moved one hand between them and stroked her clit to pleasure her faster. She hissed, then increased the tempo, slamming herself against him with more power than her small frame looked capable of.
Zyra screamed out his name and raked her nails down his chest in her release. He let go, taking his own release inside of her clenching body. He howled his ultimate pleasure up at the moon.

Keeping Blood
He used his magic to strip them both instantly. She reached out to run her hands over his beautiful body, but he stopped her. He turned her around and brought her back up against his chest, snuggly fitting their bodies together. He bent his head and bit playfully at her neck until she was panting and grinding against him. He was snug against her and as she rubbed against him, her body thrummed with intense pleasure.
Her hands grasped desperately at his head and neck as he continued on to tease her ear. Her fangs were long and aching to drive into his flesh.
Ian’s hands roamed across the front of her body, plucking and rubbing her breasts and nipples, then moving blessedly lower to delve into the core of her heat. His amazing fingers danced across her most sensitive areas, making her cry out with nearly instant release.
Alexia’s hands joined his. Guiding him to the places she most needed his touch. She rocked and pulled until he was thrusting against her back with almost lost control. Their linked fingers slid deeply within her and Ian bit down on her exposed shoulder. As her blood touched his tongue, he stilled and pulled back.
“Oh God, Ian. Yes!” she cried out and pulled his head back to her shoulder.
He hesitated at first, then licked experimentally. After a moment, he began to suck and groan, obviously enjoying it. She shuddered around his thrusting fingers, at the edge of release. He removed his fingers and broke the seal of his mouth on her neck.
Both losses left her feeling desperate and cheated, she had been so close.
He pushed her down until she was leaning over her bed, hands braced. His hands trailed slowly from her neck to her tight butt, which he gave an appreciative slap. He nudged her legs apart. He was hesitating too long.
Alexia threw her head back and hissed over her shoulder. “Now, Ian, I need you now.” He smiled at her and slid slow and deep into her tight body. He grasped her hips and gave her what she wanted, hard quick strokes to send her over the edge she was so close to.
It didn’t take long, she felt the swirling heat take over her body and then the shattering pleasure of release as her body clenched and shuddered around him. As she cried out his name, he bent over her and held her shuddering body tightly to his, still stroking in and out of her, to draw her pleasure out that much longer.
Once she was settled, he flipped her onto her back and took her mouth in a passionate kiss. He stoked her fire of desire back up as his still hard member began a slow rhythm within her body.
She moaned against his mouth. His tongue slipped in and slid dangerously against her aching fangs.
Alexia grabbed his head, pulling it away and positioning his neck for her assault. As her fangs slid into his neck, they both trembled with a new onslaught of pleasure. Hot, sweet and earthy, his blood rushed into her mouth. Each gulp was a spray of fuel to her burning desire. Each pull was a stroke to his pulsing need.
Ian’s hands found and caressed her breasts, teasing and plucking at her nipples while she shuddered under him, her hips thrusting up to meet him. His hands slid down her belly to touch her. His expert touch rocked her body. She broke from his neck to scream her release. Ian closed his mouth over hers to muffle the sounds of her pleasure as he joined her in exquisite release.

Wet Glamour

Rina opened herself to him, allowing his sweet tongue to glide past her lips and dance with hers. She moved her hands over his hard body, pushing on his clothing with impatience. He matched her with swift rips and tears at her clothing until they both stood naked. Lucas pushed her to arm’s length and his gaze swept over her body.
“You are so beautiful. I don’t deserve you for my mate.” His gaze locked onto hers. “But I will never let you go again, not even if you ask me to.”
“You better not,” Rina said saucily and wiggled her hips closer to his aroused body, delighted.
Lucas groaned and crushed her to him.
Rina giggled when she found herself lying on his bed beneath his warm hard body. “Gotta love that flashing ability, wonderfully useful for impatient lovers,” she teased as she nipped at his lips. The feel of him against her was incredible, his warm smooth skin, his long thick cock. She moved a hand down to embrace it, squeezing it until he groaned.
“I have been patient for way too long. Now that I have you here, I will not wait a moment longer to have you. The last time was so cold, so empty. I should have known you weren’t really there, but I was too eager to care in the moment.” He slid into her already wet body and she cried out with delight at the sensation.
She held her mate deep within her body. There was no better feeling. Her cunt clenched around him, trying to suck him deeper. This was what she needed, what could not be lived without.
His hair fell around them in a shield of white. It tickled where it touched her bare skin and the memory of all the other times they had been in this position made her shudder with anticipation. She knew what magnificent pleasure was waiting for her in his arms.
“Oh, Rina, you have no idea how I have wanted you,” Lucas whispered at her ear as his body began to move, his cock sliding in a slow rhythm, stroking her in just the right spot.
“Lucas, I have missed you so much,” she admitted with a cry of pleasure as his finger found her clit, sliding over it. His other hand cupped and kneaded her breast, plucking at her nipple while his mouth ravaged her neck. She turned her head and found one of her favorite spots on his beautiful body—the delicate and delicious point of his sensitive ear. She licked and nipped at it until he gave a guttural moan.
He rolled, pulling her on top of him and grasping her hips. Rina loved this position, loved the control and the easy access it gave him to her clit. As Rina started to move her body in quick hard strokes, his fingers played over her clit. Pleasure spiraled through her, each movement of his finger and cock creating a shockwave that traveled her entire body. Soon she was panting, her body moving all too quickly toward orgasm. It had been too long—she couldn’t hold back, the feelings so incredible, so real this time.
Rina clutched at his shoulders as heat and desire spiraled through her body, increasing with each stroke and thrust of his cock. She met his gaze, his swirling brown eyes so alive with passion and love. Fire exploded in Rina’s body and her cry of release was matched by Lucas’s.

Mating Call

Lillian scrambled out of the remains of her gown and waited for him there, splayed on the floor like an offering. He was the God of her pleasure right now and she was offering herself to him. He knelt before her, his gaze running up and down the length of her body. She wondered what he thought of her pale luminescent skin and thin hairless body. As he scrutinized her, she became quite self-conscious, her hands itching to cover herself from him.
“Perfect,” he whispered before dropping down on top of her and capturing her mouth in a long kiss that quickly returned her body to the state of readiness it had been in moments before. His knee crept between her legs, pushing them apart and his hand delved between her thighs. She melted around his fingers and his chest rumbled with approval. His thumb found her clit, circling it. She held onto his shoulders as he touched her, torturing her with pleasure. She spread her trembling thighs wider and moaned.
He kissed her, his tongue invading her mouth, hot and sweet, his earthy taste and smell filling her sense and driving her crazy with desire. This is what her mate smelt like when he was about to take her, this is what he tasted like as he touched her. Never in her life had she been so turned on, so ready to be fucked.
Lillian slid her tongue across his and felt his chest vibrate with a groan. He shifted between her thighs, breaking their kiss as his cock replaced his fingers and he was suddenly there, inside of her, filling and completing her. His cock pumped in and out of her and she closed her eyes, concentrating on the feel of their bodies joined. Her back arched, pushing up to meet him, to pull his cock deeper. She wanted to feel every inch of him. The pleasure he was giving her was a gift she would never be able to repay, her body forever indebted to his for this one perfect moment.
“Look at me,” he commanded softly.
She opened her eyes. Her gaze locked with his intense yellow eyes. She felt that stare down into her soul, a place where she would never be able to forget him, never be able to get him out. Her soul was claiming him as mate, whether her mind agreed or not. That made two out of three because her body had accepted him from the moment he spoke. Her mind was a force though, and no matter how else he got into her, she knew he wasn’t right, could never be right for her.
“Stop thinking, Lillian, just feel, just see,” he prompted.
As she let her mind take a backseat to everything else, her body thrummed with pleasure. She ran her hands down his back, cupping his ass and digging in her nails as he increased the rhythm, thrusting harder now, his cock hitting the spot that made her pant.
“Oh fuck, Henry…” she moaned as she felt the pressure building, knowing she was on the edge of an exquisite orgasm.
Henry bent his head and pressed his mouth to her neck, his teeth grazing her skin in a sharp bite, not breaking the skin but she was sure to have a small mark. His tongue slid out and ran up to her ear. Taking the lobe between his teeth, she shivered.
“Oh God, Lilly, you’re so wet, so perfect. I want to feel you come, want to hear you scream as you come around my cock.”
Henry’s words made Lillian’s cunt clench and she gasped as she started to come. She opened her mouth and let the moans of pleasure free as Henry threw his head back and howled. He pumped into her furiously then stilled and roared as he came, hot and deep inside of her. which do you think is the best sex?

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