Monday, February 13, 2012


How to celebrate Valentine's Day like a vampire
-blood red roses: these should be given to your valentine at the beginning of the date and their petals should be spread over the intended place of romance, whether that is a bed or a bath or a carpet in front of a fire perhaps
-blood red wine: this will loosen silly inhibitions and heat the body making it pleasant to take off clothing and feel each other's touch
-blood red velvet cake: this sweet treat fed to your valentine will be a sensuous foreplay if done right

Valentine's Day done right, the vampire way :) well if a vampire could consume wine and cake...

Happy Valentine's Day to all human and not


  1. Well, it's about style, smell, sensuality, not about nutritive value, so wine and cake are fine!

    However, I's strongly recommend to add the dark red feather of a phoenix to tickle the most delicate spots.

  2. oohhh that is a good one Valerie! Can't believe I forgot that :)