Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Time Wasting

Even with all the social media sites out there, more keep popping up. Crawling out of the woodwork to tempt us *me* and keep us *me* hooked on shit and wasting time. I try my best to stay off those damn things, because God knows, there's not enought time in the day to do all the mess I gotta do. With writing and family and the day job, I mean, I have no time to play around on Twitter and Facebook.

But I do.

Because those bastards are just plain addicting.


I don't do the rest. FB and Twitter are my main ones, but I recently discovered Pinterest.

OMG! It's awesome and time consuming as hell.

Have you heard about/tried Pinterest? You should. Or maybe stay away from it. It's not the like the othe's first off. Consider it a board in your house that you pin things to, swatches, interesting pics, fave colors. Stuff like that. It keeps you organized and it's too damn fun.

Check out my boards, where I pin food, drinks, my characters inspirations and any old thing that catches my fancy. I know, I'm sending you into the Lion's den, but come a little.

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