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Brand New Excerpt!

This weekend my author will be making an appearance at the local Sci/fi convention SpoCon. A fun and exciting thing, she will be reading something kind of spicy from my series. A couple pieces from Skin and Moon. I thought you all might like the chance to read it, since I know you won't all be able to make it to the author reading.... so here is part of what she will read.

Terrance tracked Emmalia from Walker Weston’s dungeon prison. He followed her faint scent. She must be using magic to hide from me. It wouldn’t work. Terrance merged with his black wolf and her scent intensified. As a werewolf, his senses were heightened and he could smell everything in the air, especially her. His wolf had declared her mate and she would not escape him. Her scent called to him, a mouthwatering mix of spicy witch and mate.

She was the reason Terrance had stayed in that prison as long as he had. He could have walked through the wall to freedom at any time, but he couldn’t have left her there to possibly suffer. She was his mate and leaving without her went against every instinct he had, and of course his wolf refused to even consider such an idea. It would have been nice if she hadn’t been so damn disagreeable though.

She had often told him how she wanted nothing to do with him or his wolf and how she would run from him as soon as she had the chance. She had done just that as soon as the barriers holding back her abilities were destroyed. It had stunned him how quickly she’d been gone. It had triggered his every tracking and claiming instinct.

Terrance hadn’t even waited around to talk with Paxton and the other council members. Nothing mattered more than the tiny vixen making her way at an impossibly fast pace south. She wasn’t as fast as him and if it wasn’t for him having to stop every so often to concentrate and find her scent again, he would have surely overtaken her by now.

The chase she was giving him was thrilling, his blood pumped hot through his veins. He could feel all his mating instincts boiling up, ready to explode on her as soon as he got the chance. She would be claimed in no time. He growled, thinking about how this chase would end, with her under him over and over again. There was no other option, she was his mate.

Terrance pushed away the remembered words of hatred she’d spat at him when he’d informed her of the wonderful news of their mating. Witches and werewolves were not on the friendliest of terms. In the past, weres had been known to hunt witches. Since they were the hardest species to track by scent, it was the biggest challenge for a were. Of course that had been a very long time ago. Terrance doubted most living weres and witches had even been alive at the time, or at least they were no more than children. It had sparked quite the war within the immortal world and a sort of peace had resulted. Each species going their separate ways, but apparently not forgetting.

Werewolves didn’t think much of witches either. Commonly referred to as crazy bitches by most immortal species, witches were avoided. They tended to overreact and lash out, not the type of being you wanted to cross. Some were extremely powerful and could kill you almost instantly, but you would never know just to look at one. They dressed like gothic sluts most of the time and acted like it, too.

Terrance paused, testing the air. They were close to some human town now and there were so many scents filling the air. He wouldn’t give up though, no matter how long it might take to find her. She was his and that was all that mattered.

* * * *

Emmalia was proud of herself. She had outsmarted the stupid were two weeks ago when they’d finally escaped that terrible dungeon and he still hadn’t caught up to her. Was he still looking? She hoped he wasn’t, she reminded herself for like the thousandth time. She hoped he had given up his insane belief that they were mates.

She shivered, remembering how it felt the one time he had slipped through the wall separating their cells and taken her into his arms. She had been too shocked to push him away. Her body had reacted almost instantly, her skin on fire where he touched her. As he whispered promises in her ear, she only half-heard, her lower body pressed forward of its own accord, seeking him out. She had felt his hard cock, could still close her eyes and feel it pressed intimately against her, wanting her. Her body had reacted with wanting and needing, her cunt dripping.

Thankfully footsteps had come quickly down the hall and forced him to retreat to his cell. When her head cleared, she’d forbidden him to ever enter her cell again. He’d obeyed, declaring himself her mate and wanting nothing more than to protect her and make her happy. They had spent four days in there together and the entire time, he tried to convince her they would be together eventually. She had denied every one of his insane claims.

I will hunt you down. A were’s mate cannot hide, he’d claimed and she’d believed at least part of that, believed he would try and find her, but she knew she could hide. There wasn’t a witch alive who didn’t know how to hide from a were. Being hunted was something a species didn’t really get over or forget.

By the time she had zigzagged her way back to her coven, she’d been glowing bright green from all the spells she’d cast. It’d been a week before they had all worn off and she’d been back to her usual perfectly peach self.

Inside, she wasn’t so easily righted. In her dreams, she saw his wolf, its glowing yellow eyes staring at her through the darkness. They were terrifying eyes, but she was drawn to them. Then she would see him, his intense brown eyes focused on her, his tempting mouth half-smiling. Growls would erupt from both him and his beast and her body would react. Not the way it was supposed to, however, not with fear, but with lust. Lust more intense than she had ever felt in her long life.

She wanted him and hated herself for it. It was a betrayal of her coven to want to mate with that species. Almost any other would be acceptable. Witches weren’t purists. They often went outside their species for sexual play. They didn’t mate in the traditional sense like other species did anyway. When a witch wanted a child, she sought out a warlock, they would stay together as long as it took to conceive and birth. If the child was female, it would return with the witch, if it was male, the warlock would take it. The parents never stayed together longer than necessary. It would never work, both species being so volatile, and the bond between a witch and her coven was her lifeline. She couldn’t live without that. Her magic would wither and she would die without it.

Emmalia knew werewolves were much different. They mated for life and they lived with their mate forever. She shuddered at the thought. Witches needed the energy of each other. It was part of what made them so strong.

“Emmalia, are you ready yet? We’re going to miss the boat!” Selene, one of her coven sisters and her best friend, called up the stairs.

“I’m ready,” she called back as she closed up her suitcase. The coven was taking a vacation, a Mexican cruise. Leticia, their coven leader, had surprised them with it last week, saying they all were in need of a getaway.

Emmalia was thankful for the distraction. Hopefully by the end of the cruise she would have that damn werewolf out of her mind. She was horny as hell and planned to find a human or two to sate herself with while they were on the boat. Witches were very sexual beings by nature, their bodies extremely sensitive to touch because their power flowed so close to the surface. It made for great sex and no witch abstained from the pleasure for long.

“Are you okay?”

Emmalia jumped at the sound of Selene’s voice close behind her. “Yeah…I’m great, excited about the trip.”

“Liar,” Selene spat at her with a knowing grin. “You are wound so tight I think just the thought of sex could bring you to orgasm.”

Emmalia’s mouth gaped. She wasn’t surprised by Selene’s words, outspokenness was an inherent trait in the witches and sex was as ordinary as dessert as far as conversation went. It was more alarming that Selene had detected what Emmalia thought she was stealthily hiding. Does everyone see how desperate I am for the touch of a werewolf?

Emmalia couldn’t deny Selene’s words so she fell back onto her bed and closed her eyes tight. “I don’t want to talk about it,” she grumbled up at her friend. “I just want to go on this vacation and forget about it.”

“You mean fuck this guy out of your head?”

Emmalia moved fast, grabbed a pillow and flung it at Selene with a playful giggle.

“I’m so not bunking with you. You have only dirty things on your mind and I won’t manage to relax at all on this vacation,” Selene teased.

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