Sunday, July 3, 2011

No Fun!

It's the Fourth of July! Well, techinically that's Monday, today's Sunday. Still, ask me what my plans are for this Summer holiday. Fine, I'll tell ya.


The Mr. is home--long weekend and all, and school's out so the kid is under foot. I have no plans except to lay up in bed and watch TV. No family, no BBQs, no nothing. I'm mourning the loss of Nettie, my trusty netbook. She's sick, needs fixing, and with her out of commission, my life is empty.

Empty, I tell you.

I've got books to read. That I do on the netbook. Writing to do. That I do on the netbook. Everything else in my day to day writing/promoting life is done on that netbook and she's gone. I've been relegated to pen and paper. Not a happy reunion. Still, there's people in my head acting up and the release is necessary. I have no idea when Nettie will be back to her old self, so I'm making the most of it--utilizing the two desktops we have in the house. They're...impersonal, but hey. Needs must.

Hopefully I'll have my netbook back by next weekend. Not holding my breathe though.

So, to recap, my holiday weekend is no fun at all. 

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