Monday, June 20, 2011

Werewolf's Father's Day

Tarquin loves father's day, always spends it running through the woods like a wild animal....okay yeah well he is so that fits. Alexia always joins him and they do some kind of weird father daughter run and hunt, I don't know I don't really get it.

So I am home alone, with nothing better than write my blog for you all. Well and prepare for later, I will give Tarquin something special for Father's Day when he gets back. I have been abstaining from drinking blood for a few days so I will be desperate for his thick delicious earthy blood...OMG I am starving!

So yeah, hopefully they don't return too late. When they do I will jump on him and drag him upstairs, then we will play like he is my master and I am his slave. I have the cutest purple collar I will wear and a black leather corset and thong. He loves when we play that way. It is difficult for me sometimes, I am definitely not one to give power or control over to anyone. My gift to him, is to give him complete control over me for the night.

Luckily it all ends well, no matter what game we play in the bedroom, always ends with my fangs in him, his cock in me and both of us screaming and writhing with pleasure...

Damn he better hurry or I am going to explode....

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