Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review - Triage by Cherie de Sues

Blurb From Goodreads - Romantic Suspense

FIVE STARS! ***** 

Colonel Jake McCrea's mission is to get Dr. Jessie Stevens and her bioterrorism team in the air. The clock is ticking down to a thermal meltdown at the DEEP lab in Mexico. A terrorist group has attacked the facility and only Jessie knows the combination to the GP2 virus and vaccine.

Jessie wanted the deadly level four virus to burn in the lab until she learns that GP2 may have been secretly cultivated in Florida. As tension flares into attraction with Jake, Jessie won't fall for another man in uniform, even if Jake is the bravest man she's ever met. Still, she's having a tough time concentrating on a killer virus, instead of Jake's killer smile.

Jake doesn't want to take Jessie into a firefight, but she's the only survivor of the DEEP lab scientists with an immunity to GP2. He knows Jessie is stubborn and tough as nails, but can she pull the pin on a thermal device to destroy the virus? With his feelings getting in the way of his mission, could he allow Jessie to put her life in danger?

My Review

Found Triage and it called to me as a book I would like. Started reading and couldn't stop. It is just my kind of book. Cherie does a fabulous job of keeping an even balance of suspense & romance. She doesn't venture too far off the path of one or the other. Quick read , first because of its length and second because of it's pacing. It starts fast and never really stops. Jessie and Jake are electric from their very first meeting. You know these are a hot pair of bodies. The love scene is tasteful and yet highly erotic. I absolutely loved it. I have had a hard time as of late finding treasures like this, but this is a definite recommendation for the reader who wants to spend an afternoon lost in a good book. I walked away with a complete story, the warm fuzzy's and a sudden desire for chili. Awesome job Cherie. Keep up the great work!!

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  1. Thanks for the review, I didn't know you did them. I will check this one out, sounds like a good time killer for the plane! Thanks, Amy. Love your books!