Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapture, is it?

If you’re reading this then you survived the rapture. Lucky you! As for me I’ve probably been carted of to that dark place where it’s hot and men walk around naked, hard muscles glistening with sweat.

 Yeah, which of us is lucky again?

 I’ve never been one to begrudge anyone their beliefs, or to view them differently because of it. Still, I can’t help but wonder about the person who made this prophesy/foretelling, or whatever they call it. Obviously this one hasn’t read his Bible lately. I say he because us women know better.

 And yes, I happen to know the Bible. I wasn’t always the corrupt, smut-writer you see before you. Well, I was, but I hid it quite well behind Sunday school and all the other church-related hoopla. I haven’t stepped into a church in quite some time. Do you think that factors into my reckoning at the rapture?

 Should it? Just because you aren’t in the physical place of worship, is your belief and faith any less real? Any less than those who practically live up in the building Sunday to Sunday?

 CAUTION: Bible quote ahead J “No one knows the day nor the hour…”

 To think yourself as important enough to predict that is useless and reckless and completely laughable.

 Of course all this is written before the predicted time and day, so should anything occur at then, I simply cross my hand over my chest and frown. “Lucky guess.” Either way I’m cool—naked men tend to mellow me out.

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  1. I also have strong religious beliefs and I thought the same thing. Didn't the one who's supposed to judge us say he'd come like a "thief in the night"? Somehow, the guy preaching this must have a bead on that thief's calendar or something, LOL Yeah, I write smut, too. Maybe I don't know nuthin'. But I think you and I had this whole thing figured out from the beginning :D