Sunday, May 1, 2011


It’s been years since physical contact, yet your touch lingers. I lay in bed at night, eyes on the ceiling, barely seeing as I recall your face. Your eyes. It’s been years, but I still feel your gaze caressing me, holding me captive. Time and distance hasn’t erased your memory, it only makes me yearn more, pine for what could have been.

What should have been.

You should be here beside me, but he’s there instead. Should be your heat warming me at night. Why aren’t you the one curling my toes, making me scream? But it’s been years. And you’re gone. Instead he’s here, taking your place. And I’m here, marking time.

If we knew back then where we’d be today, would you still have given me your heart? Would you still have taken mine? Held it so tightly, never giving it back? If we’d known you’d be gone from me, would we have finished before ever starting?

Do I cross your mind at night? Do you lie in bed, eyes on the ceiling, and recall my face? My eyes? Are you wishing upon the same star that I’m the one beside you instead of her, touching you, heating you up?       

It’s been years and my chest aches. It’s hollow, you see. Only what-ifs reside where my heart used to be. Only regrets. I wish upon that star you’ll return to me. Return that heart you stole, return me to the land of the living. And loving.

But it’s been years.

*Inspired by Blindfold Me, available now.

***Thirteen years ago, Lyric Benson's boyfriend accused her of sleeping with his older brother then disappeared. She never stopped caring, never stopped hoping. Now, all these years later, Lyric is stunned to discover the new owner of her company is one Grayson St. Clair, who never forgot or forgave her transgression.

Grayson wants nothing to do with someone he thinks hurt him so deeply. He can't let go of the past and he can't trust Lyric. It doesn't help matters that while on her watch, the Masonry company she oversaw was hacked into and the company's top secret client list accessed. Reluctantly, Lyric and Grayson team up to find the culprit, with Grayson denying their blossoming feelings at every turn. But when his brother appears, secrets in tow, Grayson will have to choose: live in the past or move on with Lyric.

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