Monday, May 2, 2011


Sorry I missed last week, sometimes I just need a break, like everyone else I suppose. Tarquin and I took a little vacation, it was time with my mate always is. So I missed talking of Earth Day, Easter and Arbor Day...seriously how many holidays can humans squeeze into one month? And now May Day too!

What is the human obsession with holidays? Why do they feel the need to dedicate days specifically to things like being good to the earth or loving trees? ....seriously, trees? I get, more than humans I am sure, that it is important to take care of the earth and trees but a day dedicated to that, come on now we are just grasping at straws here. Every day you should care, one day a year won't make one little difference.

Does the one day serve a purpose though, does it give humans a false sense of goodness? Oh yes I celebrated Earth day, I rode the bus or I celebrated Arbor day I planted a tree...

I just don't get it, can anyone explain this obsession with holidays to me?

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