Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Erotic Review - Silhouette by Darren G Burton

I was in Florida last week on business, sorry I missed you guys! So for anyone who has been keeping up I recently took and Erotic Novel Challenge. This past weekend I started and finished,

Silhouette, Darren G Burton - Private detective and bodyguard, Ashlar Roman, is commissioned to protect Miss Universe contestant, Silhouette Havana, after an attempt on her life is made. With egos clashing from the moment they meet, the pair are thrust into a deadly world of betrayal and survival, where they learn some people are willing to win at any cost.

Thought I would this one, and it was not all what I expected. Very noir, dry and long, well it seemed long anyway. This is not to say it was not interesting. The premise and character wave was intense and carefully woven but the “attraction” between Ash and Silhouette was well, non-existent. There was a little too much focus on the mystery side and not enough on the romance. This is supposed to be hot steamy erotic romance, right? Yeah, no, sorry it’s not happening.
The author is gifted but needs to change genres or at least categorize it differently. Then at least we know what we are getting into.

Only two stars…sorry

Okay on to the next! Hard bodies on the cover, a steamy title, Yowza…hello…let me turn on the air-conditioning! And even a warning label.

Dream Machine, Jayne Rylon -The best dreams are made of naughty and spice.

Rebecca Williams is about to achieve her goal of graduating from a prestigious university and winning a coveted spot in her mentor's cutting-edge psychology practice. She just needs one more qualification: sexual experience. She never dreamed it would come at the hands of the man she's admired and wanted for six years. Dr. Kurt Foster.

Kurt, a brilliant psychologist in the field of sexual therapy, is a scientist to the core. Attraction and lust are nothing more than chemical reactions, in his clinical opinion. Love? It's just a figment of the imagination born of nature's directives. He's on the brink of proving it with a new machine that uncovers latent desires.

In short order, Becca's forbidden lust for her boss is exposed. As Kurt continues to enlighten her on the darker facets of her sexuality, the student unexpectedly becomes the teacher.

And suddenly Kurt is confronted with the irrefutable proof that love is so much more than a societal construction.

Warning: This book is only suitable for readers who are turned on by hot doctors engaging in sexual experiments, bondage, ménage a trois, exhibitionism, suspension, anal sex and other deviant behavior using mechanical stimulation devices they've invented to make your wildest dreams come true.

Will it have what it takes to keep my juices flowing? We shall see!


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