Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Perfect VDay

Valentine’s day is upon us. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really celebrate the VDay like some rabid people I know. Celebrations in my house aren’t determined by the public calendar. We—the mister and I—are pretty loose and free with the presents and compliments. Chocolates and the like are a daily occurrence in my home—more often than not bought by me, eaten by me, but you get the drift.

Why do we need a special day to tell our special someones how we feel? What’s so special about this particular day, that we spend a shit load on chocolates, perfume and flowers? My ideal Valentine’s Day is when the mister picks his clothes up off the freaking floor, when he stops leaving his stinky socks in the living room on the couch. When I don’t have to fight him for the TV remote.

Special days indeed.

I’m very easy to please—feed me, I love you forever. Don’t judge. A perfect VDay present would be the mister cooking dinner. I hate to do that, so any day he cooks is Valentine’s Day in my eyes. Any old day he bakes a pie is Valentine’s Day. On the days I go to the day job he’s home with the offspring. When I get home, if the kid has been fed, had a bath and put to sleep, that’s a freaking awesome Valentine’s Day.

Listen, I’m not knocking those who go all out with the grand gestures. Us girls, we never curl up our lip at the grand gestures, we’ll take ‘em thanks. I’m just giving my ideas of the perfect VDay gift for me. Consult the special person in your life once in a while, I’m sure they’ll agree, it’s the little things. Like when I see fit to climb the mister while he’s asleep, wake him with some slap and tickle. The next day he’ll come home from work with a muffin from a bakery near his job--I'm cheap like that--without me having to say ‘bring me a muffin’. That’s the best. He thought of me just because.

Those are the best presents. The just because presents. Those you aren’t expecting ‘cause it’s any old day of the week.

The other day I asked the mister what—if anything—he wanted for VDay. He said he wanted me to cook something special. I will. No idea what yet, but I asked and he answered. He’ll get it and I will get mine as well. There’ll be roses and chocolate—because he knows Mama needs her something to munch on—but he also knows what counts.

The little things. Just because.

What’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day present?    


  1. Avril,

    I don't have a significant other in my life, however when I did, it was the little things that made Valentines Day everyday for me.

    For me when he remember to put the seat down on the commode was special or putting the toothpaste cap back on. Picking up his laundry off the floor or coming home from working late and finding dinner warming in the oven.

    My most precious memories is when my special someone remember to bring mayo for my hamburgers. It was those small details that made it special, because they cared enough to remember and pay attention.

    I wish everyone a very special Valentines. I don't celebrate like most people. I just give co workers cards and family cards. Personally I hate the day.

    It's when everyone at work acts like they are the shit because the got flowers and you got jack. So it makes you kind of bitter.


  2. Hi Teresa, thanks for stopping by. Real women know it's the little thing, we don't have to boast when the big gestures are pulled out. In the end we know what counts ;))

    Happy Vday, hon!!