Friday, February 11, 2011

Carly can’t wait!

Today caught me with my proverbial pants down. Yes, it does happen, even to the best of us.

I promised a dear friend of mine that I would spread the word about her story. So, here it is.

Carly Bright is a World Bureau Paranormal Agent and she’s hot! I’m not just saying that I really mean it. The problem with Bright is that she’s young and impatient.

My point? Keep a watchful eye for this one next week. She’s finagled an early release for her story.

Here’s an excerpt for you to enjoy.

Carly Bright -
Sex Games Excerpt

I slipped my hand under the water. Finding my underactive groin, I cupped and then squeezed myself. A jolt of pleasure radiated through me. I instantly shot a look at the door, making sure I had locked it. Relieved I wouldn’t have any uninvited guests, I sank further into the tub, letting the bubbly water caress my neckline. I squeezed again, feeling another shock of blissful joy shiver through me. I glanced around the bathroom again to make sure no one had snuck in and gently started massaging my protruding bundle. Thinking about Ash quickly rushed a mini orgasm from me.

I felt cheated and started massaging myself again. This time, I made it a point to think about my ex-boyfriend and I soon realized that not only was he a smuck, but just thinking about him made my feeling-good feelings disappear. Frustrated and horny, I allowed myself to think about Ash again. This time, limiting what I thought, trying to extend my next orgasm.

I thought about her long, sleek legs and having them wrapped around my waist. I wondered if kissing a woman would feel different. Then I thought about her perfectly shaped lips pressing against mine as her hand slid over my own, and she finished what I had started. Images of us frolicking naked on a sandy beach flashed in my mind when I realized it was my rapid arm movements that had created the sounds of the splashing water. Oh God! How the hell was I going to explain this? Horney as hell, but no longer interested in pursuing my self-satisfying plans, I drained the tub, dried myself off, used the towel to soak up most of the water from the tile floor, then balled it up, tucking it under my arm.

Copyright © 2010 Annie Alvarez

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