Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Hunt

It is Valentine's Day and as ridiculous as the human holiday is...I still enjoy the excuse to be extra romantic with my mate. I planned a fun little hunt for Tarquin. I left my favorite boots in the yard where I knew he couldn't miss them when he came home. The toes pointed in the direction I wanted him to go. He would easily follow my fresh scent to the garage. There he would see my sexy little black dress on the hood of the care and a lipstick arrow pointing toward the woods behind the house. At the entrance to the path is my red lace bra and a ways down my matching he finds me, naked and bound with a soft red rope to a tree. My hands stretched high above my head. Exposed, waiting and vulnerable. I know he likes me like that...

By the time he gets to me his eyes will be glowing yellow with his building desire. He will be panting and growling...Just the way I like him.

You can imagine the is a Valentine's Day that will be hard to beat but go ahead and try, I dare you ;)


  1. You are amazing! No wonder Tarquin loves you so much!

    And a Happy Valentines Day to you! ((Muah)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I am sure you had a wonderful day too ;)