Sunday, February 20, 2011

Find me Some Time

I’ve been shooting blanks lately. Minds out of the gutter, darlings, I’m talking writing-wise. Been so busy taking care of all the little stuff life throws in my path daily, I’ve been slipping on my wordage. Which is not to say I haven’t been tapping them keys. I have—even finished a totally jacked-up paranormal novella, but I’m not where I should be.

And why?

Distractions. I love them, whether electronically or otherwise generated. I’m always getting sidetracked by something or the other. Checking emails, FB, Twitter. Aren’t those damn traps just the worst? And the sweetest? I’m nutty that way.

I took stock of my recent writing patterns and resolved to immediately change them. Now the timeline to implement said change was supposed to be this coming week, until I remembered—the kid will be home all that week; something about the school having its mid-winter break. Now to know my kid is to know writing will be a difficult thing to do while she’s up prattling about the place.

That leaves me the choice of writing at night, which doesn’t really work for me; I prefer sleeping to writing. It is what nights are all about. So when do I do this? How?

Check back next week at which point I will either be severely sleep-deprived, or I’ll have rented the kid out as daytime entertainment to the kiddy amusement park around the corner. 

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