Friday, February 18, 2011

News to share

This week, I received several tidbits of bad news and some good news I wanted to share with my clannies.

First, the bad news:
Borders Bookstores have filed for bankruptcy. Yes, the old, reliable Borders Books is fighting to keep it’s edge on the world of modern technology. Apparently, they hesitated too long before jumping on the ebook wave of the future and are now scrambling to stay afloat. I wish them the best of luck, and they'll need all the luck they can get in this non-thriving economy.

It’s less competition for
Trapezium e-books. It’s a small, reliable, secure ebook bookstore that evolves with the newest and upcoming trends. I think we are going to see Trapezium around for a very, long time.

Bad news: It’s official, Carly Bright no longer has a March 2011 release date. As I heard it, Carly stepped on some pretty important toes. For that I must apologize.

GOOD NEWS: Carly Bright: Sex Games was released on Feb 14. Yes, this past Valentines Day! The conclusion is that she was granted an early release date! Woohoo, Carly. You go, girl! Persuasive, I tell you.

Hehe…sorry, didn’t mean to disappoint you with Carly’s March release date. Just having a little fun with you, that’s all.

More GOOD NEWS before I give you Carly’s Excerpt.
My human author has been Wikified. Check her page at:

Oh, one more bit of GOOD NEWS: Turn on your speakers! I’ve added a playlist to the site. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and you can shuffle between songs. If you want me to put on something specific, comment me and let me know. The playlist should automatically start playing when you visit. Yeah! Not only do we have music, but we’ve got Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” playing.

Have I mentioned how much I love Gaga? Paws up, all you little monsters. (I know, it’s kind of scary to see such an old vamp like me acting this way, isn’t it?) What can I say?  You’ve got to stay young somehow. Oh…perhaps I can keep Gaga young…uh…something to think about.

Well, here is it. The official excerpt for Carly Bright: Sex games.

To purchase this ebook: Click here

Carly Bright was born into a long line of witches, but she abandoned her magical heritage for a promising career as a WBPA - World Bureau Paranormal Agent. Teamed up with a vampire partner, Carly wants to make her mark in the world of paranormal investigators, but when they are attacked in public, things change.

Finding out who tried to kill her is only the beginning of Carly's problems. She has to convince her family that her vampire partner isn't out to kill her. Or is she?


I slipped my hand under the water. Finding my underactive groin, I cupped and then squeezed myself. A jolt of pleasure radiated through me. I instantly shot a look at the door, making sure I had locked it. Relieved I wouldn't have any uninvited guests, I sank further into the tub, letting the bubbly water caress my neckline. I squeezed again, feeling another shock of blissful joy shiver through me. I glanced around the bathroom again to make sure no one had snuck in and gently started massaging my protruding bundle. Thinking about Ash quickly rushed a mini orgasm from me.

I felt cheated and started massaging myself again. This time, I made it a point to think about my ex-boyfriend and I soon realized that not only was he a smuck, but just thinking about him made my feeling-good feelings disappear. Frustrated and horny, I allowed myself to think about Ash again. This time, limiting what I thought, trying to extend my next orgasm.

I thought about her long, sleek legs and having them wrapped around my waist. I wondered if kissing a woman would feel different. Then I thought about her perfectly shaped lips pressing against mine as her hand slid over my own, and she finished what I had started. Images of us frolicking naked on a sandy beach flashed in my mind when I realized it was my rapid arm movements that had created the sounds of the splashing water. Oh God! How the hell was I going to explain this? Horney as hell, but no longer interested in pursuing my self-satisfying plans, I drained the tub, dried myself off, used the towel to soak up most of the water from the tile floor, then balled it up, tucking it under my arm.

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