Monday, February 21, 2011

Number 5 coming soon!

The next in The Immortal Council Series will be released March 1st at Extasy Books! This is the story of Terrance, a werewolf, and Emmalia, a witch.

"Betrayal comes from unexpected places, and so does love..."

I am forever indebted to Terrance for how he helped my daughter, Alexia, with her annoyance before mating, but a witch...I will have to see if I can learn to accept her into my good graces. From what I have seen of this story they are a very passionate couple, and I can certainly relate to that. But witches are crazy bitches! Everyone in the immortal world knows that...and smart ones keep their distance unless its absolutely necessary. My most recent experience with a witch was not so great. Paxton tried to employ the help of one in dealing with his human in the basement far as I know she is still there and still needing dealt with. I wish he would let me take care of that nosey ass neighbor for him. I just don't get his fascination with her. Anyway the witch was a psycho...duh! and no help. So this Emmalia has got some work to win me over, she has already won my author over I am sure I will be forced to accept her too, at least a little. Damn Paxton and his council trying to make nice with everyone, it goes against every instinct I have and everything I was taught. I am slowly coming around to the idea...very slowly.

I will see if I can get a hot excerpt for you next week...

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