Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Naughty

Happy New Year, dolls. I’ve written many times about what I expect in my romance novels, so now isn’t the time to go down that road again. I’ve been thinking lately of what books would have the honor of taking my attention away from my manuscripts. Surprisingly, the need to delve into someone else’s work hasn’t really been there in a while. Until, as we say in the Caribbean, I buck up on something new, something utterly scrumptious.

No, not food this time. Damn it.

Recently I’ve thrown over the heteros to indulge in some man-on-man loving. GAH! The passion, the intrigue, the sex. Wait…what were we talking about? Lost my train of thought there, y’know how that goes. I’ve never discriminated against love, no matter the sex. I’ve devoured those carnal-drenched F/F books by Fiona Zedde. That woman does wonders between those sheets, um, pages. Can’t tell you how many times I had to pace myself, step away from her books for a cool drink. And a towel. And a shower. But I digress…

It was pure chance that I found myself reading a M/M book. Frankly, haven’t given those books a thought. Didn’t know they were out there like that. People were keeping things from me. Friendships have been re-evaluated over this kind of colossal slip-up. Anyhoo, since I had to make up for lost time, I’ve been gorging on those delicious reads. Between October and now, I’ve dutifully made up for lost time by reading over a hundred of those bad boys. And I mean that literally. Thems some bad, bad boys. In need of discipline, spankings. In need of…ahem.

I like the naughty, give me the naughty and I remain happy. Rhymed a little, didn’t I? I have yet to find someone who can out-naughty me. Could they be out there, ya think? LOL.

Wonder if me mentioning my penchant for the N means I’ve now got to share a lil some’n some’n with you all. It does? *wide eyed* Well, hell, you shoulda been said that. I live to share, would’ve done it already if only you’d spoken up. Alrighty then…come closer, I got me a story to tell…

So, there I was, in nothing but a baseball cap, and a .22 with pink mother of pearl grips…         

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