Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Great Review!

The Immortal Council series has received another great review! This time Mating Call was reviewed by Night Owl Reviews and given a 4.75 a reviewer top pick! I was ecstatic when I heard, a great way for the new year to kick off and also it has kicked my authors butt back in gear. She has been working on the next book in the series again and I am a happy little vampire because of it.

"With twists and turns I was not expecting, the story is well written, informative but not so descriptive that you lose interest. I cannot wait to read more from this author!!"

His voice calls to her in a place where she cannot deny it. It excites her so she doesn’t want to deny it. She will deny it all to save her principles. He wants her, his wolf won’t leave her. He will give her what she needs, whether she likes it or not.


His eyes settled back to brown and he shut the door. As he approached her to take the clothing, he breathed deep and his eyes once again flared to yellow.
Lillian stepped away quickly, knowing what that change was all about--he could scent the remains of her desire, the pleasure she had allowed herself to feel for him in private. She knew her eyes were wide, not from fright, but shame for him to know that she so desired him.
He stared at her for a moment, eyes narrowing slightly, hands clenched around the fabric of the borrowed clothes. He opened his mouth, as if he were about to say something, then shut it and walked to the bathroom.
She sagged with relief, falling into the nearby chair. This situation may be more than she was capable of handling. After gathering herself once again, she restrained her emotions and pushed all feeling aside. She sat straight and still in the chair, ready to tell him what she proposed.
Henry came out of the bathroom, his long hair dry now and floating around his shoulders, which were wide and pressing out at the seams of Lucas’s borrowed tunic.
She was going to have to find him some better fitting clothes. This was almost as bad as having him naked. She could see every line of his body and what made it worse, was she knew exactly what each line looked like without clothes. The image was forever burned into her brain and it was excruciatingly pleasant. “I have thought of something that might work well, a plan of sorts to find the traitor in my colony.”
Henry gave her a look clearly stating his doubt.
She almost stopped. He was going to hate the idea, but it was better than his lame idea. There was just no way any of the elves in her colony would buy that she needed him as protection. “I think that my idea is better suited to our situation and definitely more believable.”
“Uh-huh, right. So what is it?” He sat across from her and leaned back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest and looking completely closed off to anything she had to say, as if he were merely humoring her with listening at all.
It grated on her nerves. “You know what, never mind. It doesn’t matter. You’ll just tell me it’s not as good as your idea, even though it is, stubborn male.”
He shot forward in his seat, eyes bulging out in shock. “I’m stubborn? Are you kidding me? You are the elf here. It doesn’t get much more stubborn than that.”
“Elves are not stubborn. We believe what we believe and we, unlike so many others, adhere to our beliefs. We don’t pick and choose when we want to follow our own rules.”
“Oh yeah, is that why you mated with a different species? Is that why you have a half-breed daughter out there?”


  1. Not sure why the excerpt didn't show up. You can of course read it on my author's website

  2. It is about time people realize how fantastic your adventures are!