Sunday, January 16, 2011


Last week I was out of sorts, darlings. In physical pain. Got over my bitching on that front pretty fast though; turns out emotional pain can be ten times worse that the physical.

To that end, I’m still not myself. Too raw, too much on the verge of hurting someone. And not in the way I prefer. I don’t want to bring you all down, so let’s mosey on past that hurdle right there. Let’s talk about me.

Hah. Your favorite topic, I know. Oh…is it mine?

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating. I don’t like making small talk, don’t care too much for the whole people thing. I mean, why I gotta be dong that for? I remain unapologetically a hermit.
Times have changed. I began writing, began *gasp* making friends. Surprised the crap outta me! Who knew the writing community was so damned friendly. Someone should’ve said something. I’d have rethought this whole my dream is to write erotic romance angle. Sure that action would’ve made me the bitterest of bitches, but hey, I would be left alone.

Like I want to be.

This amazing community is so large and yet, so miniscule. Everyone knows everyone somehow. They’re all helping, offering advice, shoulders to cry on. It’s crazy. Crazy I tell you. The sincere gift of warmth is all over the place, all inviting and stuff. What am I supposed to do but bask in it?

Aah…feels good.

I’ve landed square in the middle of welcoming faces. Damn it *she whispers* I like it… 

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