Monday, January 17, 2011

Great News

I got the call tonight, a wonderful call from my author. She has finished the next book and is allowing me to release just a little information about it. Book #5 in The Immortal council Series is.....Skin and Moon! It is the story of Terrance, the werewolf representative on the council, and his mate, Emmalia. Emmalia is a witch....yeah my opinion on witches is almost as high as my opinion of mermaids. Crazy bitches they are and i'm not sure that opinion is anywhere near to changing....but we will see, I am open to getting to know her and perhaps deciding she is the one witch out there who isn't a completely insane being.

Okay so the title and the log line I am being allowed to share...

Betrayal comes from unexpected places, and so does love.

A very good title and log line I do believe. As always I am happy and impressed with what my chosen author has decided to do with our stories. I will hopefully very soon be sharing with you much more but for now I suggest you run to her site and check out the previous books if you haven't already. You will want to read, Blood Visions (my story) Keeping Blood (Alexia and Ian's story) Wet Glamour (Lucas and Rina's story) and Mating Call (Lillian and Henry's story) Before Skin and Moon so that you are all caught up on the goings on of everyone.

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