Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trust Me Trilogy - Completed Feb 1st!

In Trust Me, Serenity Lost we met Rebecca, Eric and Charlie. A love triangle balanced against the horrifying efforts of a psychotic killer.

In Trust Me, Veiled Deception we reeled as our heroine, Rebecca, fights to survive while Charlie and Eric remained a step behind in their efforts to protect her.

In the thrilling conclusion of the series, Trust Me, Jaded Promises, Rebecca is missing and everything changes with a single phone call. Rebecca fights to hang on, thinking the man she loves it dead and there is nothing left for her beyond pain. Eric and Charlie rush to rescue her unknowing that the worst is yet to come.

This is my premiere series. It is everything I would want in a romantic suspense. I always tell writers to write what they are passionate about and I am all about the romantic thriller. I adore all of the characters in this series and sincerely hope that you enjoy the final installment when it arrives on Feb 1st.

My newest series with Extasy Books will be out soon and the future is bright! I have new characters to introduce that I hope will entice your fancy. An arrogant playboy morning radio show host, a FBI agent struggling with confidence and a Radio station owner who has connections no one knows and a secret he will take to his grave. “Shockwave” is coming in 2011. 

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