Monday, December 6, 2010

The Horror!

I know, this post is late, but I was terribly distracted all weekend. It was horrible! As always when one of THOSE movies comes out the tension in my house is insane, because of the teenage werewolves being high strung and totally out of control for those stupid actors. Tarquin worries, because he has to, the parents come to him begging to protect their daughter's virtue....

So my home is opened up to them so they can have a "slumber party" No sleeping involved trust me! They giggle, they growl and they watch the movie over and over and over! I was as far from them as I could get while remaining in the house, just in case I was needed, and I could hear it all. I am so glad I was never a teenager like that, so like humans I imagine they are.

I guilted Alexia into joining me and acting as main chaperon for the girls party, I couldn't do another one, and after the first one Tarquin has decided he would rather sit outside all night waiting for the males to try and make trouble. Dumb teenage male weres inevitably sniff around when the girls are all together like that.

It was terrible, and I am barely recovered and I am going to take myself off for a couple days just so I can feel better. I think perhaps I will go hunt some Selkies....Don't tell Tarquin, he won't approve of the danger....

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