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Amy Romine - Better Late than Never!

I was reviewing my blog posts and realized I never properly introduced myself!

My name is Amy Romine and I am in love with love! The passionate embrace, the hungry kiss, the heated whisper, the groan of lust and the cries of orgasmic bliss! I am a Romantic Suspense writer which means my characters never have it easy. I make them work for their deepest emotional and physical fulfillment and do I have a hell of a good time doing it. My focus has been on the soulful coupling of the hetero but don't count me out of the other couplings just yet. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.
It is an honor to be a contributor to NLV. I enjoy all of the posts here and look forward to them everyday! Along with my Wednesday postings here at NLV and my two recently released books, I also have a Prime Time Column with BellaOnline and I am a contributing author to the New Amazon Kindle Subscription Blog ‘the Red Lipstick Journals’.

Trust Me Book 2 - Veiled Deception was released last week and since I don’t want to spoil it too much for those who have been gracious enough to purchase Book 1 - Serenity Lost, I thought I would treat everyone with an excerpt from RLJ.

This is a snippet of my RLJ serial novel, You Never Could Be…

She continued to read the email, her blood boiling in frustration. An odd noise caught her attention. Her eyes slowly rose to the mouth of the room. Mentally writing a response to the email in her head…

Her breath stopped in her chest and she instinctively stepped back into the shadow of the hall. For a moment she thought she was losing her mind but then she looked again.

What could only be described as a beautiful man was laid out on the front table of the room. His unbuttoned shirt revealed a muscular form his thick arms rested along his hips. His eyes were closed, chest heaving, while his hands were clenched within the hair of a second man who sat at his waist. She could see his head moving back and forth. He would stop and then start again. A moan escaped from someone’s chest and Sara assumed it was from the writhing body on the table.

She reminded herself to breathe and slowly filled her lungs as the erotic moment laid out before her eyes continued. The man, whose face was hidden, rose to his feet. He was still fully dressed in a navy business suit. His pink lips shining with saliva, his eyes heavy with desire, he leaned forward. The man once laying sprawled on the table, lifted himself up and to his feet. His labored breath matching the desire of his companion, his large hand reached up wrapping around his lovers neck pulling him into a heated kiss.

Sara remained frozen in the shadows, the passionate embrace igniting her own desires and a cold feeling of emptiness pooled in her chest. She didn’t have to think long to remember the last time that kind of passionate heat had swept through the core of her body.

The airport.

She pushed the memory away, her disappointment stinging her pride. She glanced again at the lovers. They’d discarded any hesitation, their bodies swaying in desire. She filled her lungs and turned to exit the conference room. Her footsteps heavy and painful, she dealt with her own resurfacing disappointment.

A sliver of light split the hall and she stopped in her tracks. The breathing darkness held still and she waited for some hint of presence. His eyes appeared out of the darkness and her knees weakened. He saw her in the same instant and moved in the dark to where she stood.

She forgot to breathe and pressed her shoulder to the wall in support. It was then she remembered the passionate couple occupying the room with them. She quickly turned in warning and found herself in his embrace. She squelched a gasp of surprise, her eyes focusing on the curve of his jaw. They lifted, meeting his intense gaze and his lips parted. She quickly covered them with her hand and his eyes squinted down at her. She motioned to the conference room and his eyes followed her gaze. She watched his eyes focus and then widen before he looked back to her. She placed a finger over her own lips. Her heart pounded against her chest, his eyes boring into her and she turned out of his embrace. Her cheeks flushed when she saw she was once again watching the intimate consummation of lovers.

The couple had switched positions the khaki open shirted stallion now had the crisp suited man pinned against the wall. His right hand was encased within the zipper of the man’s navy pants, while his left pushed off the mans jacket and assisted his mouth in unbuttoning his shirt. The last button parted and his right hand reappeared, shifting the shirt away from the man’s chest before he pulled a nipple between his teeth. This incited a deep groan from the man’s chest.

Still very aware of his presence she did her best to not shift or look at him. She felt heat on her back. His soft hands pushed her hair of her neck. The wafting of soft leather filled her senses and her eyes closed. His lips touching her neck sending chills through her body. His strong arms wrapping around her waist she fought to remain in control. His soft tantalizing kisses led a path beneath her chin until his gentle hand tilted her head allowing him access to her mouth. She began in hesitation his mouth coaxing the sparks of desire within her soul. His hands curled against her abdomen pulling her blouse free from her skirt. His fingers dancing over her ribs, her mouth opened to him, teasing him with her tongue. His hands gently cupped her lace encased breasts. Her breath stuttered in her chest when his thumbs looped beneath the wire, lifting it away. giving him full access to her sensitive nipples. He rolled them beneath the pads of his thumbs and she pulled his tongue in need.

She turned into his chest, her lips feasting on his mouth demanding his undivided attention. His hand wrapped in her hair, his arm at the small of her back pulling her closer.
This is killing me...

I hope enjoyed the excerpt, if you want more the entire first post is online at Red Lipstick Journals. RLJ was created by a group of strong sassy erotic content writers, and provides a variety of erotic flavors able to entice even the most discriminate pallet.

RLJ delivers a nice dose of spice for the erotic appetite. The blending talents bring forth a diverse offering of content, inviting the reader to peruse at their own speed and sensitivity. Within the scripts of RLJ, you can find everything from wicked polls, hot pictures, sexy movies, intimate play suggestions, FREE naughty tales, and did I mention Scarlet Rose, the sex columnist?

So now you know a little more about me. I hope you have enjoyed the content I have posted thus far. I am looking forward to the future at NLV and reading more about everything happening on the darker side of the world. Now onto the next!

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