Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Closet Action

She filled the cup with coffee and felt heat on her back. Someone pushed her hair of her neck. The wafting of soft leather filled her senses and she smiled his lips touching her neck. His strong arms wrapping around her waist she leaned back, her head resting on his shoulder. His soft tantalizing kisses led a path beneath her chin until his gentle hand tilted her head allowing him access to her mouth. She opened to him, teasing him with her tongue to let him know how much she enjoyed his attention.
She turned into his chest, her lips feasting on his mouth demanding his undivided attention. His hand wrapped in her hair, his arm at the small of her back pulling her closer.
This is killing me...

She opened her eyes seeing the door of the supply closet a few feet away. She broke the embrace and his expression fell before she flashed him a wicked smile. She grabbed his handing leading him to the door. She took a quick look around the bullpen. Everyone was preoccupied with the payroll dead line.
She opened the door, spun to face him and pulled him inside. She saw the smile on his face just before small rooms only current illumination disappeared with the closing of the door. His mouth claimed her lips before she could take a breath. His hand in her hair, he led her movement as his thumb caressed the line of her jaw. She steadied herself against the curl of his arm. Her back hit the smooth wall and her arms pulled him closer.
His lips terrorizing her ear. She pushed his jacket off his shoulders before nimbly releasing his tie. His mouth attached itself to her neck as she tugged the shirt from his pants. She traced her nails from his abdomen to his shoulders. She nipped at his neck with her teeth as her hands exploring beneath the fabric. Her mouth followed her hands down, following the ripples of his body. She quickly undid his belt, feeling him brush against her hand…


Rebecca found herself staring down at her coffee. Ripped from the fantasy.


“Beccs are you okay?”

She felt flushed, turning toward the voice.

“I’m…uh…I’m fine…”

“They’re waiting in the conference room.”

“Great, let’s go.”

Amy Romine writing as Rebecca Gailen - Trust Me Book 2 - Veiled Deception Coming DEC 2010

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