Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Bloody Friday

The older I become, the more human thinking and rationalizing seems to escape me.

Let’s take Thanksgiving for example.

Yesterday was a day of festivities -  a day for sharing one of the most elaborate meals of the year with family and friends. The one day of the year where most people give themselves permission to eat themselves into a coma. I have personally seen this so do not try to deny it. Thanksgiving for all accounts is a day of eating, rest, relaxation, napping and football and yet, the very next day is a day of mayhem and hysteria.

I do not understand the concept behind this Black Friday. It is beyond my reasoning to comprehend why people would literally camp out in front of a store to purchase only 1 of 3 laptops, or televisions when the very corporations have admitted to swindling the public with the old “bait and switch” deals.

On the up side to this human insanity, I will confess that I am not complaining. Following the traditions of overstuffing oneself, I, too, enjoyed a rather nice, hearty, human “Thanksgiving” myself. If you know what I mean.

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