Monday, November 29, 2010

New Website Up!

My exhausted author put in long hours working on her website over the holiday. It is looking delightfully sexy and reader friendly as well. So go check it out and see what kind of goodies she has on display....

Now hopefully she will get back to work on Terrance's story, I am anxious to read it, and last time I asked my author about it she said she was just getting into the good stuff.

I know that she has been interviewing quite a few different species for this book, and if she could have she would have gotten a hold of one of those slimy nasty little selkies...Now I am accepting of most immortal species but they really have no redeeming qualities that I have seen. The fact that they refuse to become a part of the council doesn't help my low opinion of them.

Not sure you will ever get a book in our series about them, I mean really could you fall in love or lust with a character who has a face like the pigman! Probably not....

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