Wednesday, August 25, 2010

E-Books at the Library

According to the Institute of Museum and Library Science, 66% of public libraries nationwide now offer digital books, with 14 million e-books available. In my home state of North Carolina, the Wake County Public Library system has shifted a portion of its budget to build a new e-book collection! As of last week, card holders can borrow downloadable e-books and download them directly from the library's website to their computers or e-book readers. 154 titles comprise the collection so far, with 770 e-book copies available. The Wake County Public Library even has a digital media specialist who reports that library users have “been clamoring” for e-books to check out, noting that requests had increased steadily since the first of the year. E-books are more cost-effective than hard copies and will be easier on the library system’s budget. While the current collection contains titles from the New York Times best-seller lists and probably not one smoking hot, sexy erotic title, but that’s okay because promotion of e-books in any fashion or venue benefits all of us. The library recognizes that the biggest e-book sellers are romances and is planning to expand its offering to the sultry reads. Keep your fingers crossed! Some of our work in e-book format might find it way to the local library before you know it!

On an eXtasy Books note, I'd be pleased if you'd take a moment to check out the newly published novella of my writing/critique partner, Ken Potter. His book, Walkin' Dusty Roads, is a romantic suspense love story set on the Carolina Coast and was released on July 15th. He also has a short, Ten Thousand Mile, available at eXtasy with another one due for release in December for holiday. Ken writes 'em hot but very romantic, and his stories kick ass.

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