Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reading, Learning, Evolving

I’m reading Sophie’s Choice for the priceless education that is William Styron’s masterful writing. Sometimes I read a sentence and want to put down my proverbial pen forever. How can it be possible for one writer to be so gifted? He is a master, and if you haven’t tackled this beautiful monster about the tragic Sophie, I highly recommend it. It’s a study in character development and the musicality of language. Stunning. (The film with Meryl Streep is also wonderful -- she won an Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal -- but read the book first. read the book so remind yourself what strong writing really is.)

Now back to the sex, my threesome short, One Bedroom, Fully Furnished, will be released soon. While no vampires are in it, it’s a dark, edgy, delicious MFF story about two predatory and vampire-like female lovers who work together in a furniture store and prey on hot, hapless male customers for their own selfish pleasures. Sure, the guys are lucky, but they’re the ones getting used in this equation. If I keep going in this direction, I might conjure a nice, biting little vampire story before you know it. Here’s the teaser:

He's in the market for a king-sized bed. She's in the mood for a king-sized threesome. When Aaron walks into the upscale Scandinavian furniture store, Kolinkar Furnishings, to shop for a bed, he meets a drop-dead gorgeous sales lady who's aggressive in more ways than one. Lucinda zeros in on him the moment he enters her lair and deems him worthy prey for her and her equally predatory co-worker, Signe. Lucinda sells him the right bed, but will he give it the ultimate test ride?

Between Styron and all my friends who write paranormal, something wicked good is bound to rub off on me. I hope you’ll check out my work at along with the stories of my fellow Naughty Little Vamp authors whose works have some of the sexiest vampires in erotic romance.

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