Monday, July 12, 2010


I think its a good time to re-introduce my series for those who haven't been following the blog.
The Immortal Council Series: Blood Visions, Keeping Blood, Wet Glamour....and more to come.
The immortal creatures of the night want their stories told.

It begins here with Zyra and Tarquin:

Magic blood, snarling beasts, love tamed and true.

M/F, M/M/F vampires and werewolves

3 flames

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Book #2 Keeping Blood is the story of my daughter and her mate. Alexia and Ian.

When you are a dangerous hybrid, every immortal is your enemy.

M/F, werewolf and werepire

3 flames

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Book #3 Wet Glamour is the story of Lucas and Marina

The only thing worse than spending time with the elf who betrayed her, is having him find out she never stopped loving him.

M/F, Animal Elf and mermaid

3 flames

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  1. I have followed all your adventures and find them absolutely fasinating!

    Truly Excellent!

  2. Thay all look good to me just waiting to get my nook before i get them.