Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where have they gone?

Hello everyone, it's just me, Annie. Tamara's human writer. I thought I'd sneak in for a bit while Tamara is sleeping.

The other day, someone who shall remain nameless, primarily because she is Matriarch and Enforcer of the East coast and could easily kill me if she wanted to, asked me if I really watched vampire shows. She said and I quote, "You know that a real vampire would never be on a television series, right? Anyway, the only one with true value and worth watching was Willow."

Oh, duh.
Wait a minute! Willow? As in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow? Well, well. Mistress Tamara watched Buffy and liked the Witchy Witch Willow. Why doesn't that surprise me? I bet she liked Evil Willow, too!

So, it got me thinking...I know that's a dangerous thing right? But I thought about some of the good, old shows and movies that we never see or hear of anymore.





Witches of Eastwich (Okay, not old, but it was pretty good until they cancelled it without the decency to finish the season)

OMG! What was the name of the show with Samantha Stevens, the good witch who married the dorky human guy?
Help a girl out here, what can you add to the list?


  1. I loved Witches of Eastwick (TV show and movie). I was super ticked when they canceled the show, considering it was just getting started good.

    Yes, it was Bewitched.

    And now I have a old movie stuck in my head and can't remember the title. I had it before I started typing.

  2. LOL when you remember, let me know.
    I know they cancel all the good stuff. :)

  3. What i hate is when thay got rid of Moonlight that was a good show.Infact there always getting rid of good show and keeping the one i do not like i think thay have something about show that i like.