Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A HOT New Read for Our NLV Friends!

Release dates are always fun, but they're even more exciting when you find out by surprise. Some months back, I wrote a short little scorcher for a special promo eXtasy Books was doing. Never heard anything once it was accepted so I sort of forgot about it. Lo and behold, I awoke to an email this morning from our awesome editor-in-chief, Jay Austin. An anthology, Sexathon, released and was now available. My scorcher was in it. She had attached my copy of the e-book in the message. I opened it and WOW! what a cover! I scrolled down the pdf and reveled in the collection of hot story after hot story. This book is going to be FUN! My fungers were on fire just skimming it, and I can't wait to sit down and start reading tonight! Won't you join me?

Check out the Sexathon anthology at Extasy Books, out today! Including stories by Annie Alvarez, Courtney Breazile, Valerie Long, myself, and a handful of other talented eXtasy Books writers.

And now for the real fun: tonight's winner of a book by the wonderful Christine Gordon and a book my little ol' me is Redding, CA's own Stacey Smith. Stacey, please email me at so I can send you my novella, Unscripted, and pass your information along to Christine!

Join the Sexathon, fellow readers! Don't let us beat you to the finish line!

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