Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I don't like to celebrate human holidays, unfortunately my mate and daughter don't agree. So it was father's day and my wonderful daughter decided she must come home for the weekend and lavish attention on her daddy. As if I don't know how to take proper care of him.

I am used to it, she always gets into the holidays, very family oriented. She gets that from her father's species. So I stepped back, as usual, and let her have her celebration. She cooked, she hovered and she complimented. It was nice to have her home.

It was even nicer to have her picked up by her not so happy mate on Sunday night and taken away. Apparently her idea of them spending father's day apart with their respective parent's was not completely agreed upon.

Oh well, she will learn that keeping her mate happy through compromise is sometimes the best thing. I learned that early on, otherwise I would be a mated vampire living alone.

And in the spirit of this human celebration I was inspired to contact my own parents. Realizing it had been nearly a hundred years since any words had been exchanged between us. Not that it was an odd occurrence among vampires. I was delighted to find they were registered with the V-net (vampire network) and I sent them off an email message to say a quick hello and let them know I was mated and had a child.

I feel good about it, lets just hope my lapse into human celebration isn't regretted.

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