Tuesday, June 22, 2010

April Ash – Strip Poker for Two

 Copy of strippokerfortwo_msr-1
In one week: Seduce a man, steal a pair of his underwear, and get him to write a detailed note about your sexual adventures
together. Best entry wins.

A one-week, all expenses paid vacation at a condo in Hawaii.

MELISSA FOSTER, now recovered from a bad relationship, is ready for fun, no ties. As an ex-military brat, she wants no part of military life. The other two contestants, coworkers, select a man for her.

Career Army Captain JASON MOLINA, a childhood friend and now living in the area, is Melissa's target. He too is looking for fun and no ties after having dealt with a betraying ex-fiancée.

To capture his undivided attention, Melissa devises different versions of strip poker...but they find it very hard to finish each new game before lust prevails. Looking, touching, tasting, all take a part in their games...and so does cannoli cream!

They fall in love, but the strength and depth of that newly-found bond is soon tested. Contest? Underwear? Note? Military Life? Trust? Can they resolve their differences and the ensuing confusion over the contest revelation in time to save their relationship?

April Ash

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