Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Suprises

It was Mother's Day last night and although it is a terribly human holiday, I still enjoy a day where I am appreciated above all others in the house. And so I have always declared it as a must to be celebrated since Alexia was a small child. And even though she is a newlywed this year she didn't forget, I do so love that girl.

Alexia planned a very special weekend actually, rather than just a day. She came home and stayed with us. Even with Ian tagging along it was enjoyable, I suppose he doesn't have a mother living to appreciate anyway so that honor really should transfer to me as his mother-in-law.

And what does a vampire mother get for mother's day? Always a large bouquet of white lilies, they are a favorite of mine, from my loving husband. And from my daughter and her new husband, the same thing I have received from my daughter since she was born, a beautiful picture of her. Only this time it included her husband as well.

A change, but a good change, I love to see my daughter growing and changing, becoming a woman of her own. She certainly has a mind of her own, I like seeing her using it more than ever.

It was all going wonderfully, the whole weekend, until the neighbor from hell showed up. I don't know what her crazy mind was thinking when she sauntered through the woods between our properties, but she came along as if she belonged. Bright and fucking early on Sunday morning. I was just taking Tarquin upstairs to rest for the day when the three weres perked up and looked in the direction of her house, through the wall but still looking as if they could see right through to what was outside.

I immediately readied for attack, my fangs lengthening and my eyes beginning to glow red, I didn't know what the danger was but I was ready to take it on for my family. A moment later Tarquin growled and announced it was our neighbor, Maria.

Damn woman thought she would help smooth things out and make peace with us by showing up with a mother's day basket of muffins she had baked.

Now don't get me wrong, I would love to not have issues with her, but I more than that want her to never, EVER come to my house again....

....and I may have told her that and sent her on her way with angry tears in her eyes.

What? I am so not a fan of humans and this one just seems to step on every one of my nerves!

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