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Blog Bites with J. Rose Allister’s, Lust

Tell us who you are. I am Lust, demigod servant to the god Eros. I am a powerful, erotically charged being whose very presence arouses undeniable desire among humans and many immortals alike. I  make my semi-permanent residence at a unique island resort, where paranormal energies stir passion and attract supernatural beings of all types.
Did you ever read an erotic novel so stimulating that it sped your pulse and drove a hot rush to your cheeks? I am what you feel when a hot book or movie scene stirs more than your imagination. I am Lust.

My influence can be seen in THEIR SECRET PARADISE, part of the upcoming IMMORTAL PARADISE series of erotic fantasy romance titles by author J. Rose Allister.

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So, tell us what makes you special? I am not of your world. I am a god, a valued adviser to Eros himself. While many of my kind distinguish between gods, high gods, and demigods, none dispute the fact that my powers render me far more powerful than most demis among our realms. It is why Eros chose me to work his will, and why my will works sexual fire in the lives of mortals I choose to reveal it to.
Tell me about your most current adventure. This would be an upcoming or new release. Feel free to share and excerpt, remember we are promoting as well as, having fun and include a release date if you have one.

“Adventure” is quite the word for my work, true. After the fun of dabbling in the affairs of a paranormal researcher in THEIR SECRET PARADISE, I made a little side wager with fellow demigod Love, who serves Aphrodite and fancies his powers equal to my own. Love and I have chosen a pair of mismatched human couples for a little contest to see which of our powers are greater. Despite the proliferation of mortal tales of romance, I seek to prove that it is not necessarily love that conquers all.
If you could offer advice to your author, what would it be? Hang onto your pen, my sweet. Between tales of sizzling angels, gods, and vampires, the wild ride has just begun.
Are you happy with the way people perceive you? People perceive my power, one few resist when I turn my sights on them. My charms do get me my way by and large, from humans and immortals alike. Some short-minded mortals try to deny my influence, a mistake I take great pleasure in dispelling. Some short-sighted gods view my demi status as an indication of inferiority, something I have also been happy to disprove. One day, beings of my kind will be viewed as equals, and the demi designation will no longer exist.

Does your author ever try to take over the story? And how do you deal with it? A human take over my will? Make no mistake, when Lust speaks to a human there is only one thing I have ever seen them do--bend to it. She has skirted a fine line, perhaps, such as suggesting neither Love nor Lust is inherently greater, and that we are drawn to one another in search of the symbiotic ideal to our own existence. Drivel. A mere mortal cannot understand our motives, and at times her delicious look of shock at our antics brings a smile to my lips. Still, Jade knows better than to meddle in the affairs of gods.
Is expressing love difficult for you? Why? I’ve seen what the powers of Love can do, and I’m thus far unimpressed. My power can consume a being with torrid passion, yet leave their sense of individual identity intact when the orgasm has subsided. They do not cleave to the one or ones who brings them to climax, as though life and breath are dependent on the requited emotion of the other. Love can be a perilous emotion, and many lose themselves to its fatal flaws. I have no intention of weakening my power that way.
What motivates you to continue on these adventures? What else? I answer to the call of the god whom I serve, and games of Lust are what stimulate my nature. Lust is not only my name or my cause. It is the energy that fuels every cell of my being.
Have you ever lost control? I fear I am about to, though it is something I would not reveal to most.

There is a tale the world has not yet been told, where I helped a high god transform his mortal love into a goddess so they might wed. As a reward for my services, the god granted me favor. He wished for love and fortune to find me. I thought nothing of those ominous words at first. Then during one of the harmless wagers Love and I like to indulge, I encountered a woman. I fear the god may have cursed me.
What was the best sexual experience you’ve had? There is a mural on the bedroom wall of the resort where I make my mortal residence. I had the painting commissioned to commemorate my most fondly remembered erotic night, a royal orgy marking the coming of age of Eros’ son. The mural stimulates any who see it, and comes to life for any immortal who views it. For over a thousand years I counted that night as my best time. Then this year sparked not one, but two even greater encounters. First was the ritual ménage that sandwiched me between a rippled, erotic god and the sexy red-haired fireball our encounter transformed into a high goddess. Then came the night of all nights, and I am shocked to say it was neither an immortal orgy nor a night of ritualized sex. It was a night of passion spent between a virile immortal male and a lone mortal woman, one whose bed I was drawn to almost by force. I will never be quite the same again. Again, I fear I am cursed.
What are your opinions on Love? Mm, a delicious specimen of male god, though tragically his sculpted blond perfection is wrapped up in the delusion that his emotion-based energy is somehow superior to my own. I believe deep down he knows the truth, for despite many shared adventures he has shied away from offers to sample my body fully. I think he fears bedding me will prove every boast I make of my prowess. Still, despite his shortcomings and constant need to challenge my superiority, Love is the one man I have counted as a true friend. One I have had by my side for over ten centuries.

What are the pro’s and con’s to being a god? They are one in the same. Since the great battle that all but obliterated the veil between worlds, a code of anonymity keeps our existence secret from most mortals. As a demigod, I can walk among humans without them truly conceiving I am immortal. I can enter a lobby crowded with humans, and not one will have the insight to part paths and bow to the god in their midst. Yet, when I walk through anonymously, I can watch my power exert its influence on beings nonetheless. So indeed, the loss of godly reverence and a humans’ sense of self-importance can be a source of endless irritation. But I admit it has made me more of an enigma, and my powers offers greater sport when wrought on those unaware supernatural forces are at work among them.
How does one become a god? Generally this is a matter of birth, though some gods are made, not born. While few methods work, an explosive release of immortal passion can trigger human transformation. Such offers further proof that the powers of Lust are a force to be reckoned with. An example of this ritual takes place in a tale I recently shared with the author, one which will hopefully be revealed to the reading audience in a not-too-distant future.
Describe your best kill. Why was it the best? No one has ever died by my hand directly, and those who perished indirectly while under my influence were undeniably happier than they had ever been in their lives.

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