Friday, April 30, 2010

Yup! I snuck in, again...

Hello everyone!
It's me agian, Izzy. Missed me? I had to wait for Tamara to stop watching me like a hawk so I could hack into her blog. For some reason, she just doesn't seem to trust that I won't screw something up. *makes pouty face* Oh, well. She'll deal.

I've been a little hurt that no one and I mean, no one, has asked me to do an interview. So, I'm being proactive and wrote down some questions I thought you'll like answers to. Hope I can get through all the questions before Missy T shows up!

Okay, here goes...

What makes me special?
Special? I’m a half-Witch, half Vampire. I’d say that makes me special, wouldn’t you?

What differentiates me from my kind?
Well, let’s see…the fact that since Tamara got her fangs in me, ALL my spells go loopy! I can’t seem to conjure up even the simplest magic anymore. Last time…well, maybe I shouldn’t say. Oh, hell. Why not? The last time we were making love, well…she ended up with a tail! *laughs loudly* I know! You should have seen the look on her face. It was a Kodak moment, for sure. Priceless! *laughs harder* Don’t worry. It disappeared. She’s all better now.

Lustful Torment

Yeah, okay. The whole tail incident didn’t help me either. *snickers*

Am I happy with the way people perceive me?
No. I’m not sure why, but people tend to think that I’m an airhead or a bitch. Or is it a bitchy airhead? Go figure, right! Yeah, me *points to herself* of all people. Okay. I hear you. You don’t have to yell! Yes, I left Tamara for Abby, but it isn’t what you think. I planned on going back all along. It’s just that things got complicated. You see, I wanted to find that Vixen Bitch Celeste and take her down, but she surrounded herself among Mages. Who, by the way, would have sensed Tamara and killed her. So, I went undercover. *shifts in seat* Tamara is still pissed about that!

If I could offer Tamara’s human author advice, what would it be?
I’m so glad you asked! Well, for starters, stop making me out to be an idiot. I’m not a 60’s reject, you know! I wasn’t even born yet, that’s Jazz you’re confusing me with. Oh and another thing, I thought you couldn’t meet with me because you were busy with Tamara, but you had time to tell someone else’s story? Sessions That’s just wrong! Don’t be surprised if you end up with a tail for a while.

What’s the kinkiest thing I’ve done?
Does having it done to me count? Well, it was back in the first story, For the love of Blood that Tamara showed me what pearls were for *blushes* Wow! What a night that was!

And then in Cheating Death, there was the time on Jules sofa bed with the scarf.

Oh, wait! There was this one time in Dying to Live, when I was in New Orleans and met the goddess Aisha. She liked it rough!

You didn’t think I’d really tell you, did you? I don’t kiss and tell. Pervert.

Have you ever, deliberately withheld information from your partner, who also happens to be the Matriarch of your Clan?
Huh? Wait a minute! I didn't write that question. Oh, shit...I hear Tamara coming. I'd better go. She's been in a mood ever since she found out I knew, I wasn't pregnant and then when my magic pulled my sister into our lives, well, Tamara lost a gasket!

I'll write soon :)
Hugs to you Zyra and Jonathan and Delora and Anne!


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