Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Beltane and our nosey neighbor

A reason to celebrate! We passed Beltane and are now into the warmer half of the year. Despite popular belief, vampires are not cold and immune to the changes in temperature. I absolutely despise the cold, and always wish for warm nights to enjoy. I won't die in below freezing temperatures, no, but I will be more than a little pissy, and that doesn't bode well for anyone.

There was, of course, a kind of celebration around here. We had a large bonfire and of course the pack was in attendance. We also invited Paxton and the council, always playing the diplomats it seems. Harder to avoid now that my own daughter is a part of it all.

Our celebration wasn't unusual, nor was it particularly large and noisy. But apparently our recently acquired human neighbor did not agree. Damn woman doesn't even live close enough to yell and hear her, how she thought we were disturbing her peace I have no idea. She would have had to be on the very edge of her property to even glimpse our fire and hear our celebrating.

And yet just past one am three police cars came down our drive, lights flashing. Tarquin immediately sent all pack members who were merged running for the cover of the woods and ordered all others to stay well into the light of the fire, hoping it would be enough to neutralize the effects of the moon, which was still full enough to show a way too solid wolf to the humans.

And so it was up to me, the vampire to deal with the humans, at least the moonlight wouldn't reveal anything more around me. Although I was annoyed enough to have to worry that my eyes might be glowing, luckily the humans could easily pass it off as a reflection of the bonfire.
It was all too easy to convince the Police that there was nothing going on here that was illegal or dangerous and that they should leave and not return. What was more difficult was figuring out how to convince the nosey neighbor to stay out of our business. I still haven't decided how I am going to do this. If I mess with her mind on a regular basis I am afraid I will do some permanent damage, not that I would mind draining her, or nearly so and sending her on her way.
Paxton got in the way and damn Tarquin is actually on his side, only because Alexia is. They think we should not interfere with a human at all costs. Which means I am supposed to ignore that offending woman, no matter that she nearly ruined my very good mood caused by Beltane.
We will see how long I can resist.

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