Friday, April 23, 2010

Jonathan Speaks! The continuing decay of humanity

Is it me, or does anyone notice how fast the 'human' in humanity has decayed over the years? My city is going INSANE with soullessness! Don't get hit by a car---you'll be left there to die without a second thought. And the kids and their damned 'flash mobs'-- swarming the streets by the hundreds, performing random acts of violence on innocent people. Who'd have thought that organized chaos would reign? Not to mention how my city is constantly crying 'broke' while money gets shifted to other people's pockets. I think I see now why so many people act like a bunch of damned zombies. I also see why I am not too fond of people in general. Do folks LIKE acting like brainless primitives? Sense and civility doesn't exist. Do they have manners? HA! Do they ENJOY violence for violence's sake? Do people revel in being degenerates, priding themselves in the 'me me me' reptilian-brained mindframe? Humanity has went right into the crapper, and for what? Selfishness, greed, arrogance, power, stepping on your fellow man---hell, just say 'the 7 deadly sins'. Anything worth merit doesn't mean squat anymore! Humans SUCK royal ASS.

The zombies ARE real. They're right in front of you.

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